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    TBH. (and this is going to open a huuuuuge can-o-worms) unless you're going to be troubling the top 10 of your local 10k club run, then forget all the "go to shop and get them to fit your shoes" thing. 'cause all they want to do is sell you a high end pair that you probably don't need. If you're "really"* bothered you can find out if you pronate or whatever, honestly? Find a pair that are comfy, and go with it. Don't spend more than £50.00. Buy last years higher end models if you want to look flash. but, I'm a "grab trainers, go run" sort of runner, some-one will no doubt be along in a minute to tell me I'm doing it all wrong…

    *if you've got a really really weird gait, then go to a doctor, if you're anything like "normal", trainer fitting is at best a waste of time, and worst a con to make you spend…


    What he said above, although I do have Nike Pegasus 25s and really like em 😀


    Tim – if they fit and are comfy, get them,

    However Nikes aren't noted for their durability.

    Each brand has a different fit but being neutral, most will be fine. I'm an Asics (light trail and road) and Inov8 (fairly extreme trail) man and am very happy with my shoes but am a very slight pronator.

    Road – Asics Kayano 16s (£80 instead of £120)
    Light trail – Asics Trail Sensor 2s (£90)
    Extreme trail/mud – Inov8 mudclaws.

    I do compete a fair bit though so might be talking up OTT shoes!

    Recently bought some Asics Black Hawks for about £45.Wear them for 2 x 4 mile runs every week and they have been very conmfortable indded.
    Did the wet foot on paper test which showed I had a neutral foot,(no flat foot or high instep) so didn`t need anything particular.
    Have a look on the runners world forum for reccomendations.

    Premier Icon nickc

    BTW by Footpaths do you mean off-road? If you do, be very very careful to begin with when starting out running off road, you can't "switch off" like you can on road or treadmills, it's a whole world of twisted ankles, stubbed toes and knee pain if you get it wrong. Choose your routes carefully


    No doubt the barefoot runners will be along soon….

    (Jamie and his nicoteen stained foot for one)

    …to suggest you release yourself from the chains of the trainer manufacturers 🙂


    Just been looking for my first pair of running shoes.

    Currently doing a couple of 30 minute sessions on the treadmill a week but want to start doing a few local sessions as well, Road, Footpaths etc.

    Just been into a shop in town & just been told a 'neutral' show will work for me. Tried on a Nike Pegasus 26, Very nice, RRP £70

    Just wondering if those of you more experienced would recommend any other shoes worth considering? Better places to buy? or any first hand experience of this shoe?

    All comments welcome! Cheers 🙂


    I think if you go to a good running shop they'll get you the right shoe at the right price. Sweatshop in reading have some good staff and have great discounts on last year's models.


    HiTec Silver Shadow.

    £20 done.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    was video checked by a Sauchony rep recently. Amazing to watch how your feet move around. Needed the full support package to rectify all my wobbles


    just try a load on mate. Fit is the most important thing.
    I've always run in Asics but have recently tried nikes. Every time i put my old asics on, i regret it…

    I belive Nike "invented" running injuries, before Nike were around there was no such thing as shin splints, plantar faciitus, pronation, supernation etc etc. Make sure you don't get a too heavily cushioned shoe and pay attention to your running form and posture and don't try and force yourself to run or you'll end up injured just like what I did! 😯

    Ascics anything over any Nike shoe. Nike suck big time.
    New Balance shoes are very good for my wife but obviously it depends on foot shape.


    'cause all they want to do is sell you a high end pair that you probably don't need

    A decent running shop will sell you the right pair of shoes at the right price – if that's the cheapest pair they have then that's the one they'll recommend.

    If you do, be very very careful to begin with when starting out running off road, you can't "switch off" like you can on road or treadmills, it's a whole world of twisted ankles, stubbed toes and knee pain if you get it wrong

    Personally I find it far easier to run off-road than I do on a treadmill – there's a much bigger space to hit with your feet 😉

    I hate running on a treadmill outside is best! And its free! I have Saucony trainers because I have very wide (read fat!) feet and all the others esp Nikes feel to narrow. But its whatever floats your boat though! They have to be comfy, often you wont know till you do a couple of runs.

    But my huge top tip is

    shhhhussh its a secret that my boss let me into to! Once you have found a pair that suits you, you can keep buying the same pair but at half price, often they are last years model but there never any different! Cant recommend it enough!

    Oh yeah and you need a sweat band, gps, lycra one piece, wrap around shades with in built mp3…


    Went down & tried about 5 pairs on, not much in it between the Nikes & Asics to be fair, went for the nikes as the fit around the arch was nicer i thought!

    See how I get on I guess! Cheers all!


    Maybe weight has a big effect (I'm heavy!) but I'd say getting the correct shoe is very important. My first pair, from a reputable running shop, were rubbish. They gave me blisters in my instep and pain in my hip/knees/ankles. My second pair (from Sweat Shop) were via a video session, i tried different pairs on until we found the right level of 'correction'. I was a little apprehensive when we got to the price bit but they were ~£60-70, far from the most expensive in the shop, quite possibly the cheapest! They've been spot on too.


    Another one for Pegasus here 8)

    I got mine from here – Sports Shoes

    I would definately get fitted up though, or at least do the 'wet foot on the tiled floor test' to see what print you leave.

    The correct pair of trainers will make the world of difference to your run.


    Have a look at this quick quide for an idea 🙂

    Shoe guide

    Ive had alot of bother with my right ankle and have been struggling to do any running for a while, I went to a herunssheruns store and got match up with a pair of brooks and they are fantastic loads of support and really comfy. worth a look


    forget all the "go to shop and get them to fit your shoes" thing. 'cause all they want to do is sell you a high end pair that you probably don't need

    as someone who's job it is to frequently help people with running injuries i would ignore that advice and get someone who knows their onions to take a bit of time and fit you with a suitable pair of shoes, it could well save you from any niggles and injury, (and more expense getting it sorted by people like me !!)


    I used to just buy trainers that felt comfortable, then started doing a reasonable amount of running and everyone harped on about getting fitted, went to Sweatshop who just ripped me off! Bought some Adidas Supernova's and they are the worst trainer I've ever bought wasted £60! will jsut go back out and buy my Asics again soon. Never had any running injuries so I shall do what works for me, guess everyone is different!

    Sweatshop MK suck!


    i guess a lot is finding a good shop willing to observe you running and with the expertise to recommend you a decent pair, my LRS is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and spend a lot of time ensuring the right fit, i have no worries about sending people there.

    Treat buying a pair of trainers like you would buying a bike, after all they are a mode of transport too. Do your research, find the best pair for your money and look at your current shoes for where they have worn out and buy accordingly, Try letting someone look at your shoes you don't have to buy anything but you do get to try them before you buy.

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