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  • Running on the road/Cycling on the pavement
  • Matt24k
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    It’s great to see so many people getting exercise and bikes from the 1970’s to the 2010’s seeing the light of day. But………
    Did I miss the Michael Gove briefing telling people to run in the road and cycle on the pavement?
    I understand people with kids cycling on the pavement near busy or dangerous roads but there is very little traffic about at the moment so it is an ideal time to build up some road sense.
    The pavement on my currently very quiet High St has far to many cyclists on it to be safe for pedestrians walking out of the few shops that are open.
    I also get running in the gutter but not running on the crown of the road with headphones in!

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    Lighten up man!

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    Before we know it, they’ll be allowing horses to ride on the road.

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    I’ve had to run in the road a few times to give enough social distancing space to oncoming pedestrians where there has only been one pavement so I couldn’t simply cross the road to avoid them. Subject to no oncoming traffic of course.

    I can’t imagine people are running in the “crown” of a busy the road as a matter of course. You’d last what, 2mins max before you were either run over or assaulted, probably justifiably so.

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    I will sometimes run on the road rather than the pavement in quiet roads when there’s a lot of dropped kerbs, the constant changes in camber every 10ft is bloody annoying.

    Never in the middle or on a busy road though, that’s just stupid.

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    Ideal time to reclaim the streets. More shoes, more pedals, fewer engines. Bring it on.

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    OMG! What’s the world coming to?

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    Can’t really see the problem to be honest. It’s great to see everyone out!

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    Yep, Its great. I’d like it if a few less runners wore headphones and maybe had some semblance of what was going on around them but the car drivers that were there before were even worse at that so overall its pretty good. They are talking about shutting some roads to cars here to give more space to people exercising.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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