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  • Running different makes of tyre front and rear . . bad form?
  • Duane…

    Currently got a Conti Baron on the front, and a Maxxis Highroller on the back.

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    Seriously, why the hell would anyone GAF, unless you were sponsored?

    Admittedly I have Maxxis front and back……….

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    On some of my bikes they need to match, on others it doesn’t seem to matter. No logic 😉

    Nothing more than a stupid OCD hangup for weirdoes.

    Weirdoes who count me amongst their number. I can’t even handle the yellow Maxxis logo, to be honest, never mind mixing brands.


    Different brands implies you’ve analysed all the specs and come up with the best possible combo for your bike and your ride on the day

    Or that you really CBA


    Generally, smaller / faster tread on rear, grippier tread on front. Currently running a SB8 rear, and a Captain S Works front on my XC bike, and have previously run an old MK rear, and RQ up front on bouncy bike for trail centre type stuff.

    So…..different front and rear all the way…

    Without forgetting tyres wear more on the rear, so I can never keep a “pair” they are always being mixed and matched.

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    I’d rather ride less than optimal tyres for the conditions than run a mismatched pair.

    Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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    Nothing more than a stupid OCD hangup

    Nothing stupid about it, its simply OCD.

    I cringe at different model tyres, even if the same manufacturer. I can just about cope with running different sizes of the same model (2.2 back, 2.4 front ATM)


    All the time. I have a conti Rubber Queen up front for grip and a Conti X king on the back for speed


    Oh terribly bad form and a clear sign of the lack of standards now present in our society. If I had my way those committing such an affront to mountain bike decorum would be whipped with a good length of Clarks cable sleeve.

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    Briefly ,it is acceptable , but my ocd does not allow it.
    Bad form imo. 🙂
    My logos line up with the valve too.

    I’m not . . . . but did briefly the other day . . .

    Anyone doing it day to day? It shouldn’t matter . . . really its just an aesthetic thing to keep the same make front and back, . . . isn’t it?

    or is it generally considered that one company should be able to adequately kit you out with a front and rear to suit?


    Yes, I’ve often run a Rubber Queen on the front and a Nobby Nic on the rear. It’s a good combo. I do line up the logos with the valve stems though.
    Currently running a Hans Dampf on the front with the NN on the rear. Make of that what you will.

    On this subject what front would you pair with a maxxis beaver rear for mudddy days? Running Spesh Storm rear Purg front atm but the maxxis seem a fair bit lighter…

    robinlaidlaw – Member

    Currently running a Hans Dampf on the front with the NN on the rear. Make of that what you will.

    The thought of a 2.35HD up front and a 2.4NN rear sets my OCD off.

    As fo rthe new 2.4 Maxxis Minion II Rear, which is wider than the old Minion 2.5 front…. AAAAGH

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    HR up front and Conti MK out back at moment. MK is about stuffed now but dont intend to go brand shopping to replace it.

    Logos are all over the place relative to valves and I don’t like the huge yellow Maxxis placard either.

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    I’ve got different models but the same make: SB8 on the back and Nevegal on the front. Will stick a Nevegal on the back when the local hardpack start breaking up and it gets more loose and sandy.

    I honestly think the biggest difference tyres make to me is confidence, if I feel the tyre is going to grip I’ll lean the bike over more and it will. I’m not sure the physics of the tyre make anywhere much as difference as what goes on in my head…


    Mismatched brands on both of my bikes, Chunky Monkey / Ardent on one and Minion DHF / Panaracer Razer on the other. I do line the Logo’s up though.

    Not many bikes come with the same tyres front & back these days.

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