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  • Running a High Roller backwards???
  • Blackflag

    Have a 2.1 High Roller xc on the back, and its spinning out way too often on climbs. The fact its an SS and i'm often stood up isn't helping im sure, but the grip is a bit crap to say the least in loose conditions.

    I've heard that running them the wrong way round helps. Is this true? and anyone do this?



    will give more climbiunbg grip less braking grip.

    have you tried lowering the pressure a bit?


    Improves drive traction at the expense of decreased braking traction and increased rolling resistance. Only worth doing on the rear. Same with any tyre with ramped centre knobs, e.g Nevegals.


    Pressure is about 34psi which is about as low as i'd want to go with an innnertube.

    Odd, I find mine fine. Similar pressure. 32×17 though.


    If you put a tyre on the wrong way round it will get confused and fall over.

    Or as said the ramped knobbles can be used directionally for more braking or drive grip.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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