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  • running a half marathon, should i, good challenge? can't decide!
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    I did a 10k in early June after laughable preparations and managed to just scrape under an hour.

    It hasn’t convinced me to ditch the bikes but I can see the attraction of training for a goal time.

    Go for it would be my advice. It’s a shortish term goal and not a stupid distance.


    Go for it. It’s a nice distance and setting yourself two hours to beat should be achievable in almost situation.


    Do it. I have done a few and have managed to finish in 1hr 50 after 4 weeks training.
    Its just about training your body to get used to the motion of running.


    Just do it! It a nice distance in between the faster ‘flog yourself silly’ 5/10k and the more tactical ‘start slow and then slow down’ marathon stuff.


    Nice distance, very doable. Go for it.

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    I did the Fan Dance last winter, 15 odd miles of climbing over the Beacons and down the other side – in the snow, freezing wind and low visibility. Checked my Strava when I got home, it congratulated me on my fastest (and only!) half marathon 🙂

    here’s a day i did’nt see coming… heard earlier that there is to be a half marathon locally end of oct and for some reason, i am thinking about it.

    i’ve been running with a club since jan, always said it was for fitness not race… but i’ve been doing a swim/2 mile run race and enjoying trying to get faster. 3 mile time trial the other day. found myself entering a local 4 mile race next week.

    so a half… with a view to doing more than just surviving. anyone done one?


    Of course do it, why not? But be warned, its not a short distance despite being ‘only’ a half… you will need to train for it up to 15 miles if you want to do your best.


    I did the Fan Dance last winter

    image by piemonster, on Flickr


    OP, just go for it. You’ll be fine.


    Mrs had a bit of a list of “things to do “before she was 40” in August, on it was to do a 10k. She did that way back in march and has properly got the running bug. Does at least one 10k a week around here and has just entered her next “proper” one. Does it purely for exercise tho.

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    My colleague (not a runner previously afaik) did his first a month or two back for charity. He is Doing another in October.

    Worth a go if you are inclined to try i reckon.

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    Did my first 21k this year, its very doable and I received a lot of good advice from this site, go for it.


    It’s a good distance. Requires far less time training than a marathon and something most people could train to jog round without too much problem. Running fast over that distance is another matter though, it really hurts.

    Premier Icon nickc

    It’s a great distance, doesn’t need special training. Go for it.

    DO IT!
    October is a long time away, plenty of time for training. get plenty of long runs in, to get used to the distance, keep up the speed work, and you’ll kill it.
    it’s all downhill after that mind. you’ll think about marathons next, then ultra’s.
    it happened to me.
    on sunday I did the 12 hour lightning run. ran 60km offroad.
    6 weeks time, got a 24 hour run, hoping to beat last year’s 120km.
    it’s a slippery slope, but hell of a ride, go for it.


    Beware blisters and give yourself plenty of time to rest between training runs. Recovery takes longer if you’re not very fit


    I did Sheffield this year, my first half. I would say go for it.
    Get your body used to running that far, set yourself an achievable goal and you’ll be fine.

    Premier Icon stever

    You know there’s only one way to find out… 😉


    Do it, I haven’t done one for a while but used to quite enjoy them. Pick an interesting route for training though – running 10+ miles round the streets can get a bit boring. I used to head into the woods, much nicer and more opportunity to throw in extra hills etc.

    cheers guys. talked to folk in the club last night and apparently its a good half but a hard hilly one, mixed terrain. watch this space i guess. its a good challenge for me. definitely need to drop some more weight though.

    but right now the focus is getting another minute off my 2 mile time (thats 2 miles preceded by a 200m swim). last race i went down 1m30 to 13m58 (that includes transition time). next one in 3 weeks. 5 – 10s of swim would be good too (3mins).


    I did one about 9 years ago(!) and I really quite enjoyed it. Not fast (1:51) but I was happy with that.
    You should do it.

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