running a 130mm fork on a 100mm frame……?

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  • running a 130mm fork on a 100mm frame……?
  • Premier Icon ton

    got a on one 29r that takes a 100mm fork, but got no forks that short.
    if i put a 130mm 29r fork on it and run it with a fair bit of sag, will it be ok???


    Slightly slacker angles, slightly higher BB. I used to run a 130mm fork on an 80mm frame and it was great!


    in terms of ride that's personal preference; i don't like bikes th\t a raked up due to hating high bbs.

    in terms of leverage – headtube snappage – who knows?

    Premier Icon mboy

    Head Angle will slacken by approximately 1.5 degrees. BB Height will raise by 10-15mm.

    If these are traits you think you can live with, then fine go for it… Some frames as standard would be more suited to it than others. I know I ruined the handling on one bike designed for 80mm forks by fitting 100mm forks (but then it was a bit slack already). But on another that was designed for 63mm travel forks I fitted some 100mm forks and they totally transformed it. That bike with short travel forks was ridiculously twitchy, with 100mm forks it was still quick but totally planted.


    I am running 120mm forks on a frame corrected for 100mm and to be honest it feels better with the 120mm on. A bit more sag and it should be fine.

    Premier Icon FOG

    How about the other way round? I was thinking of buying a frame rated for 130 to 150 forks but only have a 100mm spare until finances recover to buy new forks. Will the steering be so sharp you will stuggle to steer a straight line or will it do until I can get new forks?

    Wassup with people these days?
    My frame was built as a rigid (1990) When I got it it had a Flex-Stem on! (remember those?) Forks went up travel wise etc & I've now got 130's on but I've never had the geometry altered to suit. Must've changed my riding style to suit cos it still feels good to me.


    You'd be running approx 60mm sag on a 130mm fork, compared to 30mm sag on a 100mm fork. You'd be bottoming out the fork about half as easily. Because of the silly amount of sag it would slop all over the place, especially under braking would it not?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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