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    It simply can’t be – there are only two Kingdoms in the UK (apologies to Fifers)

    Don’t worry, none of them can read.

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    piemonster – Member

    Pretty sure something similar appeared in a mid to late 80s edition of Judge Dredd

    That’s it, from now on I’m calling the rUK Brit Cit.

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    @mefty, depends how far back you go. There were multiple Kingdoms within what is now England.

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    And Scotland. And they weren’t even the same ethnic group either. So Scotland is fairly arbitrary after all 🙂


    But they don’t exist any more they are ex Kingdoms, England and Scotland, which are still in existence, are the two Kingdoms that united and means the country can be called a United Kingdom – without one of those constituents the name has to die. Wales became part of the Kingdom of England in 1542.

    I haven’t read the whole thread so apologies if the same point has already been made but re :

    So if the Scots leave this could change the whole political makeup of the rUK. Wales and the North will become part of a right-wing led country forever

    Whilst this claim is often made there is no historical based evidence to back up the likelihood of this possible scenario, on the contrary all evidence points to politics being self-leveling and even if the political equilibrium is disturbed it is eventually reestablished.

    For the right, in the guise of one single political party, to hold onto power in a western style parliamentary system indefinitely would require an unprecedented level of voter satisfaction. And therefore presumably also sustained economic stability. Neither of which is even remotely likely.

    So even if a UK comprising only of England and Wales gave the Conservative Party an advantage in Westminster, they would not hold onto power indefinitely.

    Just like any other comparable country in the world voters in England and Wales would eventually kick out the governing party.

    The perceived ‘left verses right’ political show is universal throughout Europe and there is no evidence to suggest that England and Wales would somehow be the only exception. The same is also true of Scotland.

    The problem is the system not the politicians who are charged with overseeing it, until the problem is tackled people will never be satisfied with their politicians.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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