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  • So today I was at Swinley on a very slight downhill singletrack, front tyre catches edge of mud ridge, whips the handlebars around and flips me off to the side. I land face down in the thorny bushes, smack my head on the floor (nice raging head ache now) and have a few cuts and bruises!!

    I mean how fricking stupid .. and I’m grumpy now!!

    What stupid crashes have you had? And what’s the worst injury you’ve had from a pathetic stack!!?? Luckily mine were minor.

    Stop to ask a Policeman if it was possible to ride the cycle path (police tape all around, some sort of ongoing incident) and didn’t get unclipped!


    CwnCarn DH Trail coming off on a straight flat bit at the end having done the main event and doing a fair bit of damage, ribs (6 weeks to fix), shoulder (2 weeks), hand ( 2 months!!).

    Today in Swinley found a peaty trail down the side of a hill and lost it on a loose corner, Not injured just thought it funny 🙂

    hooned it down the last bit of whyte’s level. Rolling along the tarmac railway path at the bottom, pulled a little bunny hop and landed in a heap. Eh?!


    front wheel dropped into a greasy hole endo turned into some kind of ridiculous walking the bike forward about 5ft with the back wheel by me head! and the handlebars around me knackers!


    One of my mates persuaded his wife to try spds. She was riding along slowing down when she realised she could not unclip. Ignoring the handily placed wall that she could have leant on she spied a 5 inch curb. “Now if I can just ride up and stop along the curb it will support me……..!!”

    Am all for comedy stupid crashes but today hurt and made me grumpy! Not so bad now laughing at others 😉 sorry

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