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  • Rubbish birthdays
  • Premier Icon anothergit
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    I think I’ve just had my worst ever (though tinged with positives – as it’s far from the worst day I’ve had recently). Give me your rubbish birthdays so we can wallow in self pity.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Happy birthday, you miserable git. (-:

    Premier Icon Mantastic
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    I didn’t get morning head on my last birthday, it was a disgrace

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Age 7- happy birthday, you’re diabetic!

    Premier Icon TandemJeremy
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    when I was 14 both me and my mother forgot completely until about 7 pm

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    mine’s coming up in a week or so

    CBA at all this year

    Premier Icon yunki
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    EDITED: cos I’m probably the only person who’ll be able to see the funny side of that..


    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
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    Both my parents forgot my 21st!

    Premier Icon SaxonRider
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    When I turned 19, my parents (my father being away on a ski trip, while I languished at home) gave me…

    brace yourselves…

    a packet of tennis balls.

    On my 33rd, they gave me an electric air pump for my air matress. Except that I didn’t own one, and never have.

    Premier Icon FFJA
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    I spent yesterday (my 31st) plumbing in an outside tap. Rock and Roll…

    Premier Icon anothergit
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    I appreciate your efforts chaps, but I’m not sure anybody’s getting close to spending the evening discussing what’s wrong with our relationship and why we should or shouldn’t split up (family with 2 small kids). Oh yes, and I’m sitting here typing on STW when OH has gone to bed without me – and I think she prefers it that way.

    I’d really love to see what you edited out, yunki – either it might beat mine or come close, or at least allow me a sick laugh.

    Premier Icon bigsi
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    Well its not all bad because you share it with ME πŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday & i hope it works out for you πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    I woke up on my 17th to find out that my Grandad had died overnight.

    That was shit.

    I have not really celebrated a birthday since although everyone around me seems to think i should and calls me a grumpy sod when i don’t want to, and more recently (particularly as I now have kids too who want cakes and cards) I have to go along. But i still remember the day, and i still miss him.

    Premier Icon anothergit
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    You win, theotherjonv – and apologies for reminding you of that. Interesting to see you mention kids – I think they enjoyed it more than me (and I did enjoy them enjoying it). I did once go to a funeral on my birthday, though clearly it hasn’t had that big an impact on me.

    Premier Icon ernie_lynch
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    Well it didn’t happen on his birthday but my sister chose to tell her husband (2 kids and many years of marriage) on St Patrick’s Day that she had been having an affair and was leaving him, which was a nice touch as he’s Irish and unlikely to ever forget the day that his world fell apart.

    Although he barely spoke to her for many years after that (except in connection with the kids) they are now best mates, which is weird to say the least. They do loads of stuff together, even spending Christmas Day together and she stays at his holiday home, but just as “mates”. It baffles everyone πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon turboferret
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    I am rather unusual in that my wife’s birthday is the day before mine.

    Last year I gave my wife (although she doesn’t seem to want to be my wife any more πŸ™ )her present (un-reciprocated), then headed off to the airport to fly to India, and arrived on my birthday.

    My birthday went unacknowledged, and uncelebrated. I doubt this year will be much different, although I probably won’t be around to give my wife her present in person. Sorry, that sounds like I’m not going to be alive, just won’t be in the UK.

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon MicArms
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    Spent my 20th sailing to Gib on a forces transport vessel doing about 17 miles an hour, projectile vomiting due to bad weather which was quite grim.. then for my 30th, spent the whole day before and 1/2 the birthday cleaning my married quarter ready for my last march out.. living the dream…

    Premier Icon muddydwarf
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    Birthday 2009 – got a surprise present from my boss…

    …my redundancy notice, effective within one hour. Get your stuff together and get out before 1pm as anything left after that will belong to the liquidators πŸ™
    Two years before that i was supposed to spend my 40th at Berkeley Castle doing a full week of a medieval event but it got cancelled due to the floods. Spent the day wandering aimlessly around Chester with my then partner glowering at me before getting bitten by something, my arm swelling to 3 times its size and then spending the rest of the day in A&E πŸ™

    Premier Icon emsz
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    Couple of weeks before my 17 I got kicked out of home, my mum and me had a stand up fight, while my perv little brov hid on the stairs and my dad tried to seperate us. Spent my 17th kipping on the floor of a mates. Had a donut and coffee at a cafe for birthday celebration. Couple of weeks after that I split up with my then gf (who was bonkers) and had to move out of mates floor, spent first of two nights in a bus stop.

    Shit times

    Premier Icon Clong
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    I spent last my last birthday in hospital with the wife. She was having the remains of a miscarridge sucked out. I’ve had better birthdays.

    Premier Icon samuri
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    My Dad’s mum died on his Birthday. Does he win?

    Premier Icon Drapoon
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    My dad passed away 3 days before my 30th in September last year after a 2 year battle with cancer.

    The surprise party organised by my lovely girlfriend & my parents was cancelled.

    My dad went downhill very rapidly in the last week of his life and it was a shock to us all but a blessing for him that the suffering was short.

    Put things in to perspective somewhat – I was worried about turning 30 but it didn’t really matter when it came to it

    Sorry to hear of all the other miserable tales ;-(

    Premier Icon DezB
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    My last one was the worst I can remember – last month.
    Nice evening bath after taking my dog for a run on the bike, went to get out of the bath and my knee completely locked. The worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It took half an hour to get out of the bath with help from the wife and had to go to A&E in the morning.
    First time I’ve cried on my birthday since I was a kid.
    Other problems at home to compound the issue too πŸ™
    Welcome to being 48 you old fudger was all I could gain from that day.

    My 40th was spectacular in its crapness. I had big plans (which in the end I’m glad I didn’t organise) because of things that happened subsequently would have been a very expensive epic fail. The rest of the tale I can’t tell on here.

    *edit* the apathy I feel towards my 40th is reflected in the fact that I couldn’t even be arsed to make the above grammatically correct.

    Premier Icon passtherizla
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    I spent last years Birthday in the Vets with My sick Rottweiler, he was gone 2 days later…

    I went to MK to a rave in bletchley for my 17th Birthday didn’t get in, spent the night kipping in a Biffa bin was only cardboard in it though which was nice.

    Snowed in, so nobody came to my party in about 84.

    19th Birthday Punch up with the old man, I got a black eye and 3 broken ribs and he got a broken ankle, spent the next year living in different places, when on my 20th he let me move back in. we had made up by then and I had split with a GF I was supposed to moving in with who dumped me.

    Birthdays suck.

    Ah, that reminds me passtherizla – went to Doncaster Warehouse to a rave for my 21st and spotted my then g/f copping off with a big rasta. Didn’t really care at the time as I was off my tits

    Premier Icon passtherizla
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    ha ha… I remember before finding the bin to sleep in going to a petrol station, where some police were on the forecourt I explained what had happened, hoping they’d chuck us in a cell for th night, didn’t realise I was gurning with avengance, they laughed at us and started immitating us chewing our faces off… at least thy found it funny.

    Premier Icon stevomcd
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    I was on my Mountain Leader assessment course on my 30th birthday. I spent most of the day balls-deep in a river in the Cairngorms demonstrating my ability to safely lead a group across a river. It was snowing.

    At about 7pm, after showering and generally spending a solid 2 hours trying to get warm, I realised I’d left my trekking poles by the side of the river and had to go back for them.

    Premier Icon nbt
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    turboferret – Member
    I am rather unusual in that my wife’s birthday is the day before mine.

    Not that unusual, Mrs NBT and I are the same. We don’t swap presents either, though it’s usually becuase we spend money on holidays together

    Last year I got made redundant on my birthday. Bit more than one hours notice though, I got three months so had time to sort out a new job at least

    Premier Icon alfabus
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    last year for my 30th, my missus booked Reditreks in Machynlleth as a surprise and got loads of my friends together for an awesome long weekend of biking, food, booze and good company. The weather was brilliant, we even went swimming by the little suspension bridge.

    It was great.

    Oh, sorry – wrong thread.

    Premier Icon MrsToast
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    On my 30th my mother turned up to my meal completely and utterly trollied, to the point that she could barely walk. My brother drove her back home and I had my birthday meal regardless, but with much slagging off of my mother. Swore I’d never waste another birthday in her presence again.

    Premier Icon nobtwidler
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    My 23rd birthday a relative died
    My 29th birthday had an operation
    My 32nd Birthday I went to a funeral
    I have had lots of good birthdays too!

    Premier Icon atlaz
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    19th – Grandfather died (well died a few days before, buried on birthday tho)
    20th – Best mate made a massive pitch to steal my girlfriend of 2 years. Killed the friendship and his incessant chipping away at her before the event (too young to be so serious etc) ended up splitting us up a few months later
    25th – Grandmother died

    I’ve had a few decent birthdays in there but mostly not that bothered about them. As with jonv, friends think I’m a miserable bugger but to me it’s just a day.

    Premier Icon 10pmix
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    Day before 33rd birthday I had to do a very quick move out of my g/f’s house while she was out (long story…) and put all my stuff in storage as I had nowhere to go. So my birthday morning consisted of waking up on a friend’s sofa 30 miles away and trying to figure out how to get a train to work and find somewhere to live whilst simultaneously receiving death threats from my (now ex) g/f.

    Premier Icon willard
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    Not sure I’ve had anything quite as bad as some of these, but two do spring to mind…

    23rd. Massive toothache on morning of birthday, so queue trip to dentists and a prescription for antibiotics. That scuppers drinking. Even after that I drove in to town and parked my car up behind work and went out to meet people. Ended up meeting a very nice young lass that lived down the road from me and arranged fr her to drop by my parent’s place for a nightcap when she was on the way home. I leave club early to find that my car is locked up tight in the car park and I have to spend my last 25 quid getting home.

    I sit back and wait for said lovely lass, only to hear a car briefly stop, then reverse out again. When I see her the next day, she tells me that she’d been looking for my car, but had not seen it and assumed that I’d not made it back yet. I later got friend-zoned.

    Roll that clock forward to my 28th. I’m working away in the Channel Islands and have not been home for a month because I am trying to save money. Luckily, I get a call from my then wife telling me that she’d invited all our friends over for a birthday party. “Can you hear them in the background?”. I decided to invest in a few pints after that. One of the few times I have ever felt really isolated.

    Premier Icon yunki
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    I spent my 21st in the acute ward of a psychiatric unit.. halfway through a six month stint.. my girlfriend and my best friend had been to visit me the day before to tell me that they had fallen in love with one another..

    The staff baked me a cake and all of the other inmates unwillingly shuffled through to the canteen in their dressing gowns to drone Happy Birthday at me in their blank faced medicated monotone..

    Jelly and a thin watery cream substitute was served on paper plates with plastic cutlery..

    I unintentionally drooled a bit and moaned an acknowledgement before falling asleep to battle my demons face down in a tiny plastic bowlful of Angel Delight..

    Premier Icon rocketman
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    spent my 21st revising for exams but have made up for it since

    Premier Icon wrecker
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    I know I’m a bastard yunki, but that admission and the way it’s written made me actually laugh. Sorry.
    Edit; you should have killed the pair of them. An insanity plea wouldn’t have been difficult to prove.

    Premier Icon RobHilton
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    This girl’s 1st birthday was spent having her legs amputated

    Clearly someone also stole her clothes.

    Premier Icon plop_pants
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    I find it difficult celebrating anything since my son died. He was just 21 years old. My mate and mtb’ing partner.
    Sometimes I wish they hadn’t put up barriers around the uprights on motorway bridges.

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