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  • Rt3 Monarch help
  • redmex

    The current rt3 is a 200×51 it needs repaired possibly just new seals maybe more but a 200×57 is £99 at chain reaction where is the extra 6mm and could it be a straight swop ?


    200mm is the eye to eye measurement, this is the distance between the points where the shock attaches to the frame

    51/57mm is the stroke – this is how much the shock moves.

    The new shock will fit straight onto your bike (this is the 200 measurement!), but might not actually be usable for you – consider the following:

    If your bike has a leverage ratio of 3:1, for every 30mm the rear wheel travels, the shock will move 10mm. Your bike has been designed around a 51mm shock stroke – if you install a longer travel shock, even though its only 6mm, it allows the rear wheel to travel much further (6×3 = 18mm in my example!) This often means the rear wheel will hit the frame, seat tube, compromise the geo of the bike and funny things can start to happen depending on how the leverage ratios change. It will also void any warranty you might have.

    More often than not putting a longer travel shock in either doesn’t work or compromises so much handling its not worth it. I think (not sure!) you can get a spacer to reduce the travel on these shocks which would take it back to 200×51 – I would ask TFTuned about that.


    You could fit a spacer to limit travel.

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    Take current shock out and do some measuring to mimic the extra few mm’s of throw. You “might” get away with it.

    EDIT: If all else fails, do as bigyan says.


    Thanks for the help and suggestions, it’s off the frame now and will check it out now


    I’d send the shock to jtech for a service and a tune rather than buying a shock that isn’t spec for your bike.

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