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  • RS Sektor – reducing travel
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    Hi there, I’m about to reduce the travel in my RS Sektor solo airs. I’ve taken a gander at the tech manual and I’m fairly happy with the steps needed to take the forks apart, but I’m wondering if I can do it without removing the lowers? I’m thinking:
    1. de-pressurise the fork
    2. loosen bolt at bottom of left leg
    3. remove air shaft from top
    4. put in spacer
    5. reverse process to put fork back together.

    Will this work? Do I need to drain the oil – I’d rather not if I don’t have to? Any steps I’ve missed?


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    It does work. You’ll almost certainly lose oil from the lowers though and there might be a greater chance of damaging the piston-seal. There’s a guide somewhere on mtbr for this method called “quick and dirty”, or something. You might also need to replace a bit of oil in the air-chamber.

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    Hmm, sounds like it’s not going to be much more work to follow the manual and take the lowers off, particularly if there’s a chance of damaging something doing it my way…

    Cheers for the help.

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