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  • RS Revelations Air To Coil Conversion – parts?
  • wurzelcube
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    I’m looking to convert my 2011 revelation dual air forks to a coil – preferably a dual position coil.

    I’ve read various articles but I’m not clear on the parts I need and whether Sektor springs will work. Has anyone done the air to coil conversion themselves?

    I also have the standard moco unit which I would like to upgrade to black box or rct3 depending on cost

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    Page 25 no 22 by the looks. Apt timing for me thanks

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    for future reference if you type
    “Rock Shox {fork Name & Year} Spare part list” into google these guides come up (p42 for Revs)

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    Buy a pike coil uturn spring, loads of them around.

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    140mm max on coil conversion unless you swap the whole rebound assm for the sektor one or do some hideous mod to allow use of the dual flow rebound system ( I’m not doing that again ) 👿

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    I did this on some 140mm 2009ish Revs and it turned into a bit of a strange one…

    Despite all the information I could find, including dimensioned drawings of the two forks, the 140mm dual position Sektor coil spring assembly was approx 20mm shorter than the old air u-turn assembly.

    I even ended up on the phone to SRAM tech support, who were next to useless in this, as all I wanted to know was the correct dimensions of the two assemblies and they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give me the info… all they would tell me was that it was impossible to do the change…

    Anyway, in the end I used a length of threaded bar and a threaded spacer to get the extra length and just used an external nut to assemble it into the fork. It might not be the most elegant solution, but it works, and has so far survived a number of trips out, including a trip to the Alps.

    One thing to note, the DPC spring does not have a negative spring as part of it, and uses a negative spring in the rebound assembly, but that was dead easy to fit, just make sure you have the right number of spacers under the negative spring.

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    All the 150mm spring use the neg. spring on rebound assm. (reduces travel on rev rebound a shorter by 5 to 7mm depending on spring rate, whether you actually notice this is questionable) hence the need to use the sektor rebound or convert the dual flow unit with a different rod, which is a pain. 2010 onwards are the 150mm chassis in the Revs.

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    Thanks for the info; so having looked at the RS parts numbers for the coil conversion I’m going after:

    11.4309.045.000 Pike/10 Recon 140mm – U-Turn Spring Assy – Firm Blue – Maxle (~£40)
    11.4310.717.000 U-Turn Travel Adjuster Knob Aluminum (Coil) Lever (~£20)
    11.4310.465.000 Fork Shaft Bolt Kit (~£20)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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