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  • RS Revelation RLT Ti Fork questions????
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    Does “RLT Ti Dual Air” = A straight 150 travel fork???

    Does “RLT Ti Dual Position Air” = An adjustable travel fork which can be adjusted on the fly between the two settings of 120 and 150?????

    The Bike Magazines obviously like Revelation forks, but they generally only review the straight 150 travel option with 20mm Maxle Lite. Is that the Bike Press saying “All the other models are shit, just go for that one”???

    Anyone tried the Dual Position Air and the Dual Air? Was there any difference in quality of suspension action?

    Anyone tried the 15mm Maxle Lite and the 20mm Maxle Lite? Was there noticeably more flex on the 15mm?


    I have had 3 sets of revelations. I’m currently using the 2011 revelation dual air ti which has the blackbox damping and is set at 150mm travel out of the box. This has no on the fly travel adjust.

    The dual stage air has the on the fly travel adjust.

    Personally I never use travel adjust and feel it’s something else to go wrong although i believe the dual stage air is very reliable.

    The forks are extremely nice to ride and to be honest I wouldn’t have anything else. I’ve had fox and didn’t think they even came close. I had the 2010 revelation race before these with normal motion contro damping and found them fantastic too!

    I wouldn’t bother with the 15mm, just got for the 20mm as it’s super stiff.



    I`ve had 2 pairs of RLT Ti dual position 150 / 120; BOTH failed to re-extend properly when at 150mm travel after steady descents, forks settled at about 40% sag and would not re-extend unless fully unweighted—probably due to air leak with air transfer from +ve to – ve chambers. Got money back, bought Fox 150 Float instead, much more trouble free so far, but the 120mm option is missed. See this
    for much more in depth discussions about RLT Ti dual position forks 🙁

    Premier Icon billyboy

    Nice one guys.

    All the blurb on that link you gave me James was good stuff. I think I’m going to have to reread it and run it by a mate who’s just done Cytech 3.



    got the 2011 “RLT Ti Dual Air” and the “RLT Ti Dual Position Air” models in 20mm guise

    prefer the dual airs as they are much plusher and get more travel out of them, undecided on the dual positions as they need more air to keep them at the height i want – mine do re-extend when you pump them, but i don’t use the 120mm setting as much as i thought i would

    don’t rule out the sektors and the older revelations as cheaper alternatives

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