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  • Premier Icon billyboy

    I was considering these for a Pace 325.5 build, but I have some questions. Anybody ridden these in their various forms know the answers?

    Does the “Dual Position Air” description mean it has a Travel Reduction switch taking you between 120mm and 150mm of active travel? (as opposed to the “Dual Air”)

    Can you lock it out at 120 and at 150 if you want?

    Is there a vast amount of difference in stiffness between the 15mm and 20mm maxle lite versions? (If you are using Hope Pro 2s, the bearings are better protected and have a longer life if you use the 15mm adaptors as against the 20mm set up, but are you going to regret getting a much twangier 15mm version fork?.)

    The magazines obviously like these Revs and give them good reviews but that only seems to be in the straight 150 20mm Maxle version. Are we meant to read around what they do not review and presume the other models in the range are crap?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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