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  • RS Pike top-out clunking
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    Have a RS Pike on my BigWig. Bought used last summer and had the airshaft changed from 130mm to 150mm by my bike mechanic.

    I’ve not ridden it that much, but there seems to be a noticeable top-out clunk. I can’t be sure if it has been there since Aug/Sept last year but I hadn’t ridden it enough to really notice, or whether it has developed more recently when I’ve been riding the bike more frequently.

    Any obvious causes or solutions? I’ve never been inside a fork before, so taking it apart is not an option for me unless you can give me a link to a fools guide to do so!

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    I’m not gonna try to diagnose it for you, but when I’ve had that on a Pike it’s meant that it’s time for a full service – because the damper’s not working right.

    If you bought it used, it probably just wants a service.

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    Just before you send it off for a service have you tried slowing down the rebound damping – might be too quick at the moment vs the air pressure you’re running in the fork.

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    Wrong airspring ?

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    When I had similar, my damper bladder had blown (and therefore pissed oil everywhere inside).

    Very lubricated and no damping actually gave a nice (ish) ride – I have it quite fast anyway, but like you there was a disconcerting clunk whenever your wheel left the ground.

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    FWIW I’ve noticed this on my Pike Ultimate from new. It’s definitely not leaking from the bladder and the damping is working just fine. If I dial in more Rabbits, the clunk goes away but I’ve been experimenting with very fast rebound damping and I’ve left it as it is.

    Having said that, it could indeed be the damper if no amount of additional rabbits fixes the clunk.

    Pikes are very easy to do a lowers service on. See the SRAM videos on Youtube, you’ll need a 5mm Allen key, a mallet and some fork oil to replace (I think RS specify a particular 0w30 but in reality anything will be OK). If 120ml of fluid comes out of the bottom of the right leg, the bladder has blown. Otherwise it’s OK.

    TLDR: Try adding more rebound damping. If that doesn’t fix it, it’s service time.

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    Damper needs bleeding (so I’m told)

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    air shaft

    Should not really clunk as there is a rubber bumper just by top cap. Slowing damper down will make it less so but not the problem
    So I would take it back to your guy to have a look.

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    Miss AD’s new Lyrik Select+ did this from new. I checked the bladder and it benefitted from a quick bleed (pretty easy to do if you have 3wt oil and the right syringe tip). You dont even need to remove the lowers.

    Might be worth checking that first if you can, before sending off.

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