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  • RP23 2010 manual incorrect ?
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    give the bike a bounce. move lever. give bike a second bounce.

    should tell you all you need to know


    Turn clockwise for 'on' and anti-clockwise for 'open'. Doesn't matter which way the shock is mounted!

    Manual is same as mine (2009 shock)

    I couldn't figure it out on mine either. Trouble is, it seems to be exactly the same whichever way it's set.


    Same here Benji, on the 09 shock you could easly tell with the bounce method, on the 2010 its not easy at all to feel the difference…. I guess its the new features of the 2010 shock.

    This is the 2010 shock btw.. the valve is on the opp side to the manual shows.

    What bike's it on? Someone suggested it had been custom tuned for mine and the pro pedal gets disabled.

    Edric 64

    if you cant tell if it's on or not is there any point in having it?


    A quick bounce makes it very clear which is which on my 2009 RP23


    The manual is misleading.

    The second easiest way to tell is that when switching on propedal you have to push against a spring. When you switch it to off it snaps back with very light pressure on the lever.


    gotcha retro,Its an ST4 btw.

    Quick bounce on my 09 RP23 on Alpine its easy to tell, maybe its that new boost valve on the 10 shock ? Or its simply buggered !


    Trying to figure out which way Pro pedal is ON on my 2010 RP23…

    My shock is mounted vertically, when you look from the propedal dial side the valve is on the LEFT…
    The 2010 manual shows the valve on the RIGHT, below..

    Do I just ignore the pic and assume they have the pic wrong in the manual and propedal ON is to the left?

    Premier Icon nuke

    I noticed this on the RP23 that came on my Flux. The shock is the same as the 2010 shock on Simonm's pic. I concluded it is the same as the diagram in his original post, its just the valve is on a different side.

    Having said that, I don't know why Turner fit a RP23 as the advised setup is with no propedal and set to open which does indeed give the best ride imo.

    The lever will release to the open position and move from the centre back to there. You need to click it over to the propedal position for it to stay there.
    So just pust it to the centre and let go, that's the open position.

    The shocks have an underlying propedal platform dialed in and the lever simply increases the amount of platform (low speed compression) if the shock is tuned for a particularly active suspension design, the underlying propedal platform might be quite firm and you won't feel much difference when the lever is in the on position, but there will be a subtle difference.

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