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  • Royal Storm Pant sizing
  • has anyone got any?

    my waist is size 32 in everything and other brand, on royals site for the storm pants

    they say small 30-32 and medium 32-34

    so being quite slim and always a 32 am i best in a small or medium?

    Premier Icon clubby

    I’m on the bigger end of 36” and the large are bang on for me. Plenty of room for knee pads underneath and cut on the thigh for cyclists.
    If you’re slim build I’d probably go small.
    Been great pants for this winter, especially at the same price.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’m a 32″/medium in pretty much everything. Med storms are a nice fit for me. If you go small, you might end up with too short a leg. at 5’11, I wouldn’t want them any shorter.

    Perfect I’m just shy of 6ft so sounds like medium are the ones then, never thought about the leg length, don’t want be half mast Harry!

    Cheers for the fast reponses!

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    I’m the same as clubby, 36 when I breath in. At 6 foot too I fit the Large bang on. The fabric has a little stretch in it too so worth bearing in mind. And tighter fit is better than loose for that purpose I reckon.

    Premier Icon rossburton

    Are there any good sales on for these at the moment? I had a skills day with Jay Williamson and apart from admiring his 1) riding and 2) bike, I also admired his Royal storm trousers.

    are they generally quite a slim/light fitting pant? i dont particularly want a baggy loose, falling down type pant when wet cos they are that heavy(so basically every ride!)


    Hey OW – you found them for sale anywhere? I was after some mediums myself but couldn’t find any in stock and Royal Racing never replied to my enquiries 🙁

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’ve got a 32″ waist and bought the mediums – they’re snug around the waist and lower torso but have enough volume to go over kneepads ok.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    You’ll like them. They’re light, there’s barely anything in them to soak up water, and the ratchet strap waist cinch means they stay where you want them. The fit is close round the waist, hips, lower calves and ankles, looser round the thighs and knees, plenty of room for pedalling in pads.

    I bought mine in a half price sale, thinking they’d be an emergency foul weather/once in a blue moon wear. I’ve also got some MT500 Sprays, which I now don’t wear much, and actually I can’t think why I would choose them over the Storms. They’re heavier to start with, get heavier when they’re wet, and the elasticated waist doesn’t stay put, they end up slipping, and crotch-hooking the saddle.

    The storms are less breathable, with only the mesh lined pockets for vents, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Leave the pockets half open (they’re nice and deep, your phone/keys don’t feel in trouble) and the moist air gets bellowed out as you pedal. The fabrics very windproof, so they’re good in the cold and dry too.


    are they generally quite a slim/light fitting pant? i dont particularly want a baggy loose, falling down type pant when wet cos they are that heavy(so basically every ride!)

    I have 34″ Fox Flexair pants and L Royal Storm Pants. My waist is 34″, and I could probably go a down a size in the Fox pants waist wise to 33″), but probably not in the Royal Pants (I did ponder before ordering), however the Royal pants are a bit loser in the leg but not too bad (I wear skinny jeans so used to a tight fit so this may not be found by others). I am 5’10” on so this probably contributes too.

    Comfort wise they are pretty good. Not as nice as the Fox pants, but I didn’t expect that as they are for wet days.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I’m a medium in most stuff, and have them in a medium. If I lay off the pies a bit I can get down to 30 waist, at which point I have the ratchet belt pulled all the way in over bib shorts and jersey.

    wow cheers for all the responses! appreciated sounds like exactly what im after

    ive tried a few and they all seem to be too thick and heavy, or rustly material and flappy

    im hoping these are fairly similar to the fox ones in terms of fit but obviously more waterproof where needed

    all day pedalling and pads ideal too – so they sound just the job

    but more so the sizing sounds accurate, so thanks for the help on that especially

    as for offers no – ive managed find some one whose got a pair of medium for sale brand new – but obviously cant send them back if they dont fit and have no way of knowing until they arrive, but with all your help it seems i should be ok

    i doubt i can get back down to a 30″ waist any more im more than likely more like a 33 in winter once my gut kicks in haha, but its good you still wear them albeit strap the band up tighter if need be

    i just hope they fit and and are not loose and baggy everywhere, but from the informative response off ned above it sounds like they wont be anything short of what expecting 🙂

    I also enquired with Royal Racing and they never replied to me either.


    Yes – it’s like they just sold all the stock of these off in the Black Friday deal (ok bar a few XL’s!) and that’s that. They appear to have a sorted simple product and enough exposure from 50/01 and GMBN to sell twice as many but not bothered.

    righty – they turned up

    my god they are hard to get over my heels, are they meant to be that tapered? I have normal size 9 feet nothing out the ordinary, I almost felt like I was going to rip them just getting them over

    size wise they fit maybe a little on the bigger size than id like (quickly tried on at work) but im in a thin work shirt, so no baselayer or usual jersey for winter (that id tuck in), and they feel ok – they are maybe a little loose and I had to have the ratchet all the way tight as it would go, but I cant see me getting any slimmer either

    but they don’t feel loose or particularly like they would fall down and they are quite high at the back too

    and if I had a size smaller im assuming the bloody ankle cuff would be absolutely impossible get over my heel

    they look nice made and defo a touch of mc hammer but don’t think that would be noticeable or baggy and loose when riding

    So I’m wondering whether to keep them or send them back

    Main issue is by christ the ankle hole is tight and extremely hard to get over my heal? Is this normal?

    I can do it easier with socks off, but any hint of any form of sock and it just doesn’t work, should they be that tight or have I got a rogue pair? I’ll end up ripping them after a ride if i try to get them off in a hurry

    Premier Icon clubby

    My large are pretty snug at the ankle, but my size 9 goes in ok. Think it’s a deliberate design to stop it flapping into the chain and to stop water spraying up.

    If it’s that tight on you it’s going to be a complete ball ache to get them off, especially covered in mud in the middle of a car park.

    Hey clubby

    Cheers for reply

    Yeh I thought theyd be tight for reasons you say

    But these are just incredible tight and there’s no flex in them

    I can get them off easier than getting them on but even still its not easy

    Getting them on is a real pain to do
    , really unsure what to do!

    Premier Icon Jordan

    @Oscillate Wildly If you decide you want rid, I might be interested.

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