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    Before privatisation the woefully inefficient and archaic network was being subsidised by ever increasing buckets of cash from the taxpayer – money down the drain and completely and utterly unacceptable.

    Yes, it’s much better now that we pour twice as many bucketfuls down the drain, with extra bucketfulls to line corporate pockets, while ticket costs soar.


    This truly is chaos. Over 400 million profit last year but need to be sold because of th e pension deficit. I work as a postman and although letters have dropped we are carrying more because jobs have gone and rounds have been broken up and added to others. Believe me royal mails packet and parcel business is incredible and that’s not even taking parcelforce into consideration. At the moment the only way it’s unsustainable is down to the pension black hole which was created please remember when royal mail took a holiday from their share of the contributions for 14 years. Yes 14 years of employer contributions lost. Someone should be jailed. I actually like my job but the management of this company is the pits. The free shares cannot be touched for 3 years whether they are worth anything or not. We have been told our contracts cannot be changed for 3 years,this I do not believe. Sorry times

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    I still treasure my free HBOS shares. Got em for nothing, and now that is what they are worth, bargain!


    Well £400 million pounds sound like a lot of profit and Parcelforce may be an impressive organisation BUT its a drop in the ocean compared with FedEx and UPS and other competitors. FedEx and ups has fleets of aircraft larger than most of the worlds airlines. They have lorries and trucks in major towns and cities all over the world. Billions of pounds of investment is needed if Parcelforce and the RM is to succeed and thrive in the future. We can’t afford that level of investment and under public ownership it would not be long before the RM would having to be propped up by the government. Anyway I believe the RMs recent profits have been boosted by property sales, so not exactly sustainable.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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