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  • Royal Mail lost V5C. What now?
  • We sold the wife’s scooter before Christmas, and I have a recorded delivery barcode from 18/12/12 when I posted it. It’s still showing as in Royal Mail’s system awaiting delivery.

    Now we have no info at all regarding the scooter other than its reg number, no idea what the guy was called who bought it or where he lived (all that info was on the V5C), and the DVLA still think we own it. He could be racing about with no tax racking up speeding fines left, right and centre, and we have no proof to say it’s not us. Where do we stand, either claiming from Royal Mail, or letting the DVLA know?


    Claiming off the post office won’t sort out who the owner is. Phone the DVLA and ask for their advice, should be fairly straight forward


    Write to the DVLA with your name and address, the VRM (vehicle reg mark), make, model, who you sold it to (if you can remember) and the date sold. Also advise them about the V5C going missing (although it’s not that important).

    Make sure you send it recorded and keep a copy of the letter if possible.

    If you don’t get a letter confirming that you have been removed from the record after 6 weeks, then give them a call.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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