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  • glynP

    Going on my hols up to Skye next week and will be doing the Sligachan loop and at the end of the week we will go up to Torridon again! Does anyone else know any more loops in Skye?

    Glyn, never mind the biking, get yersel up to the three chimneys for dinner! Best meal I ever had. I'm looking forward to Torridon now, cannae wait.

    Nobeer aka Greg.


    Big man a canny wait for Torridon either looks as if there will be 16 of us, the three chimney's sounds superb but a meal will probably cost more than my bike!


    There's a route you can do up near the Quirang too, don't have the details sorry. Apart from that there didn't seem to be much tbh – there are meant to be some trails over on Raasay, but I've not been.

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    For a little stretch, have a look at this previous thread. Quite good in a not-very-tech-but-can't-quite-believe-it's-there-at-all kind of way. You could do some figure-of-eights to make it a little more useful.

    HERE is a ride report from last year.

    All worth it for that descent into Sligichan….

    Premier Icon chickenman

    The Quirang loop is good: Start from the carpark above the hairpin on the Staffin-Uig "c" road and follow the tourist track (some pushing) up to below the Needle; dump the bike and scramble up past the Needle to the Table, very wierd scenery. Retrieve bike and continue North for a km or so before heading off right, down the technical single-track down to Floddigary.
    Follow road back to car

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Info on 3 routes from about 5 years ago when I rode them. There is loads of stuff on Raasay built (or rediscovered) by Steve White and used in the Raasay Rumble back in 2007 – try asking at the outdoor centre which I believe is temporarily relocated in Borodale House hotel.

    1) Glen Sligachan ride (OS sheet 32)- start at Sligachan hotel and head S down the main Glen path to Camasunary. This starts off rocky and technical for the first bit, with a lot of drainage ditches for the first 2 or 3 km. Frist time in the dry I thought it was awesome, second time in the wet it was pretty grim and slidy. The track gets better around loch an Athain and we followed the lower of the two marked on the map from beside Loch na Creitheach (GR 514212). This takes you down to Camasunary bay and can get a bit wet in places near the end but the bay is a lovely spot to have a rest. That stretch is about 12km of pure singletrack heaven if you're ok with rocks and the ground isn't sodden! Scenery is second to none, awesome views of the Cuillin.

    From there it's a hard push out to the west, up to Am Mam. This is really rubbly and steep and most people would struggle to ride it all. After the hairpin (523189) it becomes a bit more rideable and the descent is a scorcher. From there it's road to the head of Loch Slapin (566224) then a bit of offroad through Strath Mor. The track on the ground seems to go E of Lochain Stratha Mhoir; we followed a stream bed to pick up the rough remains of the track at about 565257. This section is really grim and muddy (and was even last year when most of the route was dry) and you'll be glad to see Luib.

    We've always done it as a 2-car job, the alternative is to go round the coast by Moll, the main road has a big climb and carries a lot of traffic (relatively!) so not sure I'd fancy biking it. This one is one of the best bike rides I've ever done, takes most of a day but the Glen Sligachan section is awesome – jawdropping scenery and riding!

    2) Boreraig Route nr Broadford. We started at Cil Croisid (617207) and headed south on the obvious track towards Boreraig. This is a good track to start with (was a quarry access road I think) then becomes a raised causeway above the bog as you descend into Boreraig -superb riding, cracking views out to sea. From Boreraig (an abandonned clearance village), you head W along the coast on a raised beach platform (mostly rideable) – stay low and follow the shoreline until an obvious track forces you up the cliff. We went up too early at a big sticky-out bit of cliff just after the village and had to descend again, and round to Suisnish(another cleared village), things a bit vague once you're on top of the cliffs but keep the sea to your left and when you get to the village, aim for the house with the red roof as that's the start of your landy track back to
    the road near Torrin. Then head E along the singletrack road back to the start. It's a quality short ride and the descent to Boreraig is the best bit. 9.5/10 for rideability, only one short bit up the cliff defeated our strongest rider.

    3) Raasay Just headed up the road to the north – the last few km "Callum's Road" are the best tarmac I've ridden on, steep ups and downs. Built by a postman singlehandedly in 10 years cos the council wouldn't extend the road to his settlement… Also took bikes up to below Dun Caan – obvious track to summit from W side and returned the same way – the track on the map running S was apparently barely in existance on the ground. Well worth doing for the views and the descent. On the way back we cut down to to Ostaig on the wee track marked, was a nice bit of offroad for us. No pics from that day I'm afraid!


    inbetween skye and torridon check into applecross campsite/hotel for a night and ride the trail out and back from the church at applecross to kenmore,(cafe at kenmore) stunning singletrack… not to mention the bonkers road over the bealach na ba (pass of the cattle) from nr kishorn to applecross-the highest tarmac road in britain…also a nice trail from the applecross church to sands-the place where that monty bloke stayed…

    Walked that Applecross to Kenmore about a month ago but didn't think much of it TBH – bit of a long, not very rewarding slog. It was a pretty nasty day though and can imagine it being a bit better on a sunny day (and on a bike!). Lots of deer on the slopes.


    was up that way in may. the sligachan route was nice, some great riding out to camasunary, but IMO (in terms of riding) the rest wasn't so great. still worth it for the stunning scenery and the ride back along (in) the stream in strath mor, but if i did it again i'd turn around.

    the 'classic' torridon ride was ace, apart from the 15km or so of road at the start…suppose you can't get away from that kind of stuff out there though.

    applecross was a nice route. i think we followed a rouet you posted coastkid. very nice singletrack back, again though, far too much road for my liking.

    maybe i'm just spoiled with the network of bridleways & footpaths in the lakes & peaks!

    Premier Icon allyharp

    Week before last I did Sligachan and 2 rides on Torridon.

    For Sligachan I'd heard that Glen Sligachan was by far the best section so we did it as an out and back to Camusmary, but also pushed up Am Man for the views and the descent down again. Both groups of riders we came across who were doing the clockwise loop agreed that we had the best idea.
    The riding is good but it's the scenery that makes it fantastic imo.

    At Torridon we did the big loop that you see in books everywhere and all over the internet. Just make sure you head up to the Drochaid Coire Lair for the fantastic descent to Achnashellach rather than taking the Coulin Pass all the way.

    Worth mentioning the other track that leads from the sligachan campsite to glen brittle past the foot of Bruach na Friethe. We walked up it from the road to the foot of the hill and what we saw would have been great riding. If you wanted to make a day of it you could maybe scoot down to the end of the road and ride up into Coire Laggan and descend again, but ultimately this route would probably be an out and back.

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