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    Aware of Church Stretton /Long Mynd etc. but anyone able to suggest other routes or places to ride in the Kidderminster area? Looks like lots of green on a map

    Wyre Forest

    All of the above have some fantastic riding. Wyre is probably your closest to Kidderminster.


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    I am in Blakedown and regularly ride over Clent. You can do a pretty good ride considering its proximity to the large conurbations. Bottom to top it is 1000ft of climbing, so 2500ft in 20 miles is easily achievable and is pretty tough on a singlespeed!

    Wyre is great, but you need some local knowledge to get the best out of it.


    The Ludlow area is not that far from Kidderminster either.

    The Wyre would be best area for riding near Kidderminster IMO, it gets a bit muddy, but its freezing over at the moment.


    There are some good dh runs over Abberley by great Whitley, and at Ribbesford. The wyre has some amazing trails but you just need to get over there and explore. Ludlow had some amazing stuff too, along with the mynd and hopton.


    I’m in Kidderminster and me and the Mrs ride out from King Charles School to the Wyre Forest via the canal, the Rifle Range and round the Safari Park.

    There are loads of routes round the farms and out to Clent (mentioned above) via Blakedown etc.

    Are you new to the area? Drop me an email if you want showing round.



    Ludlow and Hopton Woods are all fairly close to Kidder. Cracking riding at both

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    For MTB I’ll second the Wyre, but you need recent local knowledge. Drop into Stourport Specialist Cycles and see if they still have the group rides going (last one I went on was late 90’s, but the shops still going!).

    For an odd jump/scree/play spot try the top of Titterstone Clee Hill (the one with the 100ft golf ball on it). I think its public access, and there’s plenty of knarly bits in the old quarry.

    Or there used to be a DH track in Ribbesford woods.

    Rob Hilton

    Or there used to be a DH track in Ribbesford woods.

    There’s more than one now – and by george it’s a fun day out 🙂


    I’m from ludlow , and know the area fairly well, the only area I’m not too familiar with is the wyre forest. It depends what sort of riding you want. Xc would be malverns, the Mynd and the wyre, for something a little more gravity related, or a bit of a dh oriented xc route, try bringewood and mortimer forest. Would be more than happy to show you around, as I’m in Ludlow. If you fancy something a little further away would recommend hopton and eastridge is excellent.


    If you want to go the other direction, theres some fairly good routes around bissell wood/mount segg – across to chaddesley woods/bromsgrove. Not a patch on the wyre forest, but not bad if you’re after something different.

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    Lickey & Waseley can give you a good blast and make a nice loop from Clent if you want to experience the eastern NWAlps

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