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  • Route from Catterick – Any suggestions?
  • fatgit

    I’ve ridden in the dales are a lot and never known of anything starting in Catterick un fortunately!!!
    If you can make the time there are some cracking 2 hour loops from Reeth and Stu at the Dales Centre will point you in the right direction
    Hopefully someone may be along who knows better than me though

    Can anyone suggest a good route (MTB) starting and finishing in Catterick. Probably 2 hours tops? I’m off to see some family there for easter and although time will be tight, I am not going to miss the opportunity for this Southern boy to do some Northern biking. 🙂


    Premier Icon davetrave

    Garrison or village? That’ll make a big difference, but as suggested, get yourself over to Swaledale – it’s only a short drive and offers up some of the best in the Dales…

    Garrison, my BIL is in the Army.

    Thanks folks. I found the Dales Centre via google, so thought I’d have a look.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Garrison – you could go play on the training area, Land of Nod and that way, if it’s the weekend as it’ll be a bit less busy with men (and women) with big guns… Used to run Army Mountain Biking, used that area for hosting races and stuff.

    My regiment’s still based there and there’s a few MTBers amongst the lads, will ask about and see if anybody can suggest something really local, otherwise get over to Swaledale and Reeth for some proper routes.

    If you can get over to Osmotherly there are some good simple routes routes from cod beck/sheep wash. Following the cleveland way with a few trails off each way.

    Its also a realyl nice place to go with the family.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Theres very little around the Garrison, or even around Richmond. You have to get to Grinton/Reeth before anything worth riding rears its head.


    Swaledale has the best natural trails in the area-
    Worth considering Hamsterley Forrest too- half hour/ 40 minutes drive from Catterick.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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