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  • ontor

    i felt comfortable on the 56 and i’m bang on 6 too…

    … mind you it was only short test


    I’m 6’2″, got a 58 secteur (same geometry). tried a 56 but felt much too small. I guess it will be a close run thing at 6 foot, best try before you buy, no?

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I’m 6′ and I’m riding a 58cm Roubaix.
    The 56cm was a bit on the short side I thought.


    Consider the Giant Defy. Bike of the year, similar sort of bike but gets awesome reviews.


    58 by sounds of it.

    inside leg length?


    Inside leg is 33″. I’ll have a quick look at the Defy.



    I have been in this situation (different bike) and opted for the 58 but always regretted it. I’ve since changed to a really short stem and moved saddle more forward than I would like. I think it would have been easier to make more room on a 56 frame than trying to ‘shrink a 58.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    I’m 6′ dead as well, but I’m a 31″ leg so longer torso. My 56 cm Roubaix fits perfectly. I would have thought a 58 would be too much of a stretch.


    56 is bang on for a 33″ inside leg


    Oh great STW collective, your guidance is needed.

    I’m toying with the idea of getting a Specialized Roubaix to replace my Boardman Team Carbon. Reason for the change is down to not being able to get comfy on the Boardman.

    So, what size should I get? I’m 6′ dead and of average proportions. I clambered aboard a 56cm at my lbs but they reckon a 58cm would be better due to the longer headtube. My concern though is that with the 58 there wasn’t a great deal of stand over height.

    So please, your recommendations.

    Ramsey Neil

    6ft here with a 33 inside leg . Riding a 58cm Roubaix , tried a 56 but the 58 just felt better , I felt more in it than on it . There is a reasonable stand over for me with the 58 as it’s a compact frame but I don’t see why not having a lot of stand over height on a road bike should be an issue . Great bike by the way , I love it to bits .


    Take bike fits with a pinch of salt. Mate of mine wants a Orbea Orca, bike fit says 53cm but when he sits on one its way to big !! Cue big argument with shop and cancelled order. Moral of the story you’ve got to try before you buy.


    6’2″ and have a 58cm Secteur, never been totally happy, a bit on the big side. Try before you buy, played with different stems, seat position etc.


    Another 6′ (33″ IL) with a 58 Roubaix. Tried both, but found 56 too cramped. 6’3″ bloke bought the 56 one- go figure!


    What size is your Boardman, Large I guess? |A mediume would be too small for someone of 6 ft.

    I’d go with a 56 and a longer stem. Or a M/L Defy.

    Set the saddle height (25-30 bend of knee at bottom of stoke). Set saddle fore and aft with knee over pedal at 90 degrees. Only then look at reach forward. Put your hands on the hoods and bend over. Angle of the elbow should be just over 90 degrees, regardless of height of bars.


    Would say 56cm. Am 6ft 2″ and find a 58cm perfect.

    Stick with the Roubaix – bloody fantastic.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    if you can’t get comfy on the boardman – do you like it enough to keep it if it did fit you? is it worth going to a bike shop where you can pay for a proper bike fit?

    I’m guessing you’ve tried flipping the stem and spacers to bring the bars up? the other thing is to move the seat back – sounds counterintuitive but this will take the weight onto the back wheel and off the hands

    cadencesport – the man who works there knows what he is talking about if you want a proper job

    Im 6′ 3″ with a 34 / 35″ inside leg.

    My lbs advised me to get a 58, but I went for a 61 & it fits perfectly & very comfortable.

    It seems tinkering is just as addictive as MTB’s……

    Now with Ultegra, Specialized carbon bars & Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels 😆

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