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  • Rotors/adaptors query – fairly 'urgent' answer required
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    I think when used at the rear calipers go up 20mm from front.

    so a 203mm adapter for front would fit a 223mm rotor at the back?

    Certainly used to be the case.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Should be fine I’d have thought – it’s the rotor size and caliper adaptor that should match.

    Found out the hard way some Hope brakes are 183mm rather than 180. Well, it wasn’t that hard just a really really annoying noise climbing out of the saddle


    EDIT – oh hang on,didn’t notice you were swapping ends .. I’m pretty sure when I cured said noise I bought a caliper adaptor front and rear specific – and CRC seems to back that up.

    Mister P

    Will the front adaptor even fit the rear? I would guess the front is a 203 post to post but the rear is more likely to be post calliper to IS frame mount adaptor I would have thought?


    Not sounding too promising…give me some hope someone! (no pun intended!)

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Is the rear brake mount post mount to post mount (like the front) or IS to post mount?
    If PM2PM then you’re fine, if IS then you’d need a different adapter for the front


    Not sure…I think I’ll go home and have a fettle then take bike to the seller’s house.
    Arse – that’s 2 journeys, not one 😕

    Premier Icon easygirl

    No it won’t work.
    I’ve just looked at an adaptor and it said 160 rear or 180 front , so there is a 20mm difference front to rear


    Hi – need quick answer to what is probably a dumbass question.

    Bear with me:

    I currently have a 203mm XT 6 bolt rotor up front (RS Revelation post mount using a 203mm caliper adaptor) on a DT Swiss centerlock hub using a DT Swiss adaptor. Out back I have a 185mm XTR centerlock rotor on an XT centerlock hub using a 185mm caliper adaptor.

    I am buying a Hope 6 bolt rear wheel as my current rear needs replacing.
    Can I use my front 203mm 6 bolt front rotor with the 203mm caliper adaptor on the back – then put the 185mm centerlock rotor on the front using the 185mm caliper adaptor?

    In theory I should be able to – means the front rotor will be slightly (18mm) smaller than the back.

    I need a quick ‘yes you can do it’ as picking up wheel after work!

    Cheers 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas
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