Rotor Q-ring on a singlespeed?

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  • Rotor Q-ring on a singlespeed?
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    SS needs new drivetrain, and someone has lent me a hardly-used Q-ring to try, so I will.

    Anyway, its a 34T – but presumably it will feel like more than 34T at maximum and less than 34T at minimum. Any idea by what extent? Range of 32-36, for example?


    Tazzy reckons his wobbly one feels 2 teeth smaller iirc.


    hmmmm I am curious


    Tazzy is/was right. Got ’em on both my bikes, one on ss the other 1×9. Pedalling feels totally normal and ‘circular’ too. He was recommending the Goldtech ones which I bought.

    Where’s the diameter big on the Q rings? Is 90 degrees out from the cranks? If so, a 34t Rotor Q would need a 36t bash but feel as easy as a 32 but fast as a 34? Quite curious about using it on 1×10…

    Premier Icon jobro

    Just like chiefgrooveguru I’m interested in using the 34 as a 1×10 but on a 29er.
    Anyone have any experience? Most of my riding is quantocks/exmoor/dartmoor

    Premier Icon jameso

    Goldtec varies between 36T and 32T diameter based on clearances on my frame, Q is similar I think.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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