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  • Not loads there but a couple of singletrack runs in the woods, think its an unmarked 8km red trail goes around the outside of the lake path. First run is on the right as you come in before you get to the bridge that goes to the visitor centre, and another on is further round the lake and over a bridge to the right that’s signed as national cycle route 6, that section has just been rebuilt with a few rock drops and small jumps in.


    Not a lot of stuff but there are 2 downhill runs what are quite good fun, although quite brief… The locals have done a good job and have recently redone the one in the woods at the top of the big hill, putting a few new jumps/rocks on it. Nothing is way marked but a few rides to it and a bit of exploring and I found most of the stuff worth riding. I link all the stuff there with the TPT from Treeton and do Treeton Woods as well for a decent ride…

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    Is there much there ?

    Only ever ridden around the lake but have found this doc

    Also a couple of youtube vids but it’s not clear if they are on the red run, or cheeky

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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