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  • Taff

    I presume you have a limo to begin with?!


    a friend had this shipped in from Jenson USA.

    VAT & Duty was a further £60

    allows the bike to be attached by the front wheel & then the bike is swung into place (moving around the now fixed front wheel)


    Pendle. Don’t get the T bar, as removal of the front wheel and subsequent mounting is a nightmare. Otherwise Yakima have one as already mentioned.

    EDIT: And you don’t need a limo. Our rack used to live on the roof of our VW Vento without any issue. That is until my wife took the car into a carwash and the roller came up underneath the carrier and ripped the rack off!


    As title really. Any ideas?

    +1 for the pendle standard (that front wheel detachment version looks awful!).It’s reassuringly heavy with good steel fixings.

    You need two people to get the bike up there and hold it steady – but you’ll have two people to ride it anyway 🙂



    You need two people to get the bike up there and hold it steady – but you’ll have two people to ride it anyway

    Nah, you don’t. Just good technique. My kiddyback did not exactly have a willing helper for the lift – he was only 4 when he started! Now of course he can lift it himself 😯


    Pendle here. Definitely a 1 person job to get it on the roof as long as you tie the front wheel straight and have a bungee ready when you place the bike.

    My parents have one of these though

    Really good but expensive.

    A limo definitely not needed, Nancy can go on the top of a Suzuki Swift! The Mazda 323f we had before was great because the roofline was so low. Once you’ve got the hang of it then it is a one-person job. If you car has a high roof then a wee step might make it safer. Also have the door(s) open so you can stand on the sill. I hold the fork leg, and the diagonal down-tube, hoist it up in the air, walk up to the car, and get the tyres into the channel, then push it up to the vertical. A strap round the front crank arm onto the rack upright and she’ll stay in place while you do the other straps.

    Our DIY rack is the channel section of 2 solo racks bolted end on end. The 2 uprights are the steel legs from an old bed frame, welded onto a 6mm plate that is bolted to the roof bars.

    Solid as a rock!


    Premier Icon downshep

    Got one of these for the Kona Ute. Good value and stable but the finish isn’t quite Thule standard, so best stored off the car between trips.


    For Occasional trips, ours just about fits across the back of the car on a normal rack, with the wheels in the boot and the bars/forks turned backwards. It sticks out either side, but only as far as the wing mirrors.

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