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  • bigG

    Thule aero bars should be able to accommodate pretty much any roofbox, they are a little wider than normal bars but my standard Kamei box fittings work fine with my Thule aero bars.

    Look at other makers of boxes than Thule, they attract a silly premium price. After a LOT of research I bought an ex display Kamei delphin roofbox from for a lot less than i would have had to pay for a second hand Thule box. Might be worth your while looking at things other than 2nd hand.

    Also worth checking BMW, VW, Ford etc etc as they seem to regularly have sales of their own branded roof boxes at massive reductions, some of these are manufactured by Thule for them.


    I’ve got a Thule one that I could be persuaded to sell. Have a van now so no real need for it. Only used a few times.
    Much better and easier to fit than others, can be fitted and tightened up with one hand whilst holding on with the other if you get me.


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    I’ve got a Thule one that I could be persuaded to sell. Have a van now so no real need for it. Only used a few times.

    Tell me more … Size …. where are you…. Would you post etc . PM if you prefer.

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    Karrite are decent enough too, the U-bolt fittings are wide enough to go round either Aero or Wing bars.


    I got a 2nd hand one from gum tree. Bargain less that half price.

    I have the Thule aeros and the box I have fits fine – exodus – think its halfords own brand.

    For that sort of stuff I think 2nd hand is worth investigating. Just a big box in the end, not much to go wrong.


    +1 for Karrite, got one for 50 quid in local classifieds. Pretty basic, but it’s a roofbox so basic is fine by me.


    Ok…looking for a ( second hand ) roof box for camping trips to free up space in the car.

    I’ve already got Thule aero bars so can I pretty much fit any make of roof box to the Thule bars?
    Any I should look at / avoid?

    Will I need a specific fitting kit depending in the manufacturer?

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    You’ll be able to keep your superfluous apostrophes in it.

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    Here’s some info for you. The plural of box is boxes, not box’s.


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    It’s “boxen”, as any fule no.



    Whats the thoughts on big hardy roof top bags?

    Super cheap, compaired to a box, and pack down nice and neat for the other 362 days of the year they are not being used ??

    Also dead easy for someone to shove a knife into whilst you’re parked up somewhere enroute to your holiday destination. Come back to your car and the roof bags contents have gone. Pack down small like you say but that seems to be the only plus point.

    Go for a front hinged box. I got a side hinge version off e-bay but it’s a real pain to fix to the roof bars (I don’t have it on all the time). I have a Berlingo so need to use a stepladder to get up there and it is really too much of a stretch to get across to the hinge side to reach the fixings.

    ^ If the OP doesn’t drive a van then a side opening one will be fine. Side opening 360L Exodus on my Octy estate with the quick release system. Can get it on and off in under a couple of minutes.

    Its also gloss black to go with the black car if you like that sort of thing (I do).

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