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  • Eggbox

    Anybody used a decent bike rental company in Brussels/Oudenaarde that would rent a bike for the Tour of Flanders sportive?

    I have paid for my hotel and sportive place, but now my airline has decided that my bike can’t fly with me….arghhh !!


    Depending were you are have you looked at driving. Its not far from the channel tunnel. That’s what we did last year and are doing again this year.
    Or what about hiring a proper bike but and pretending its just a your suitcase!


    afternoon bump

    Premier Icon thekingofsweden

    You could try Jowan bike technology in Kluisbergen they do bike rentals.And have a great shop too.
    They speak embarrasingly perfect English !

    Premier Icon Jerome

    I would enquire on here as to anyone driving over.
    I am going to miss it this year, but would have offered to take your bike otherwise.
    Post to kind perso – pick up on arrival – job done.

    Premier Icon edsbike

    Found through a friend of a friend, we’re staying in the B&B belonging to the bloke who runs this place.

    He asked us if we needed bikes or bringing out own. We’re taking our own but I’m assuming he rents bikes out if he was asking.


    Het Verzet rent mountain bikes but never seen road bikes….

    Update 🙂 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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