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  • rollers – what's good for a reasonable price?
  • scratch

    I have the cheapest Elite ones, a mate has the low end Tacx, they’ve both been fine. The black wotsit ones on Ribble are cheap but I dont know anyone who’s used them.

    PlantX have a couple of metal ones for under a £150 which I guess is as cheap as they come.

    I’ve got a set of the Elite plastic ones, which are perfectly fine if, well, a little too plastic.

    Second hand would be the cheapest, as long as they are good nick then they’d work fine for CX warmups.


    i’m interested in a set of rollers as well, but more for interval training, do they offer enough resistance? as the PX have 2 versions one with and one without

    Plenty of resistance for interval training.

    Either get the small metal rollers without of the Elite Parabolic with, (which I’ve got). There is plenty of resistance there, I’ve managed over 800watts on my rollers and its technique and ability to stay on them more than resistance that is the limiting factor.


    I’ve got some JetBlack ones which are very good. Seem much more solid and durable than the tacx plastic ones I used before. Very good value.

    I’ve got the Sportscrafters ones with resistance from Planet X. I was expecting them to be quite easy compared to the turbo workouts I’d done previously – turns out I was wrong! Not only does it offer similar resistance to a turbo on full, but it is much harder to get there and keep it there due to the technique required. I’ve done some very good interval sessions on the rollers that I didn’t think I’d be able to when I bought them.

    You can swap the drum round to have static resistance but I’ve not tried that. In summary, they are sturdy, easy to use for a first timer, quieter than a turbo and a much better workout.

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    Elite parabolics here, nice to ride on, fold up for easy storage, belt has lasted over a year. The nice thing with the parabolics is you get a squeek before going off the side.


    my daughter now needs some rollers as she’s getting into XC racing quite seriously.
    As I’ve never used any, what’s good and what’s not? Oh and please at the cheaper end of the scale.


    I’ve got the tacx antares, as has a friend. good build quality, and you can get them for under 150 on amazon


    I have the Minoura ones, sturdy enough for me, metal rollers and cheap.


    thanks all, some investigation required.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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