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  • JulianA

    None of them are me, Z, and they are rollerskating not rollerblading!



    Definitely not cool!

    at 43 its only cool if you are good at it.


    Really not cool?

    I should love to be able to do this!


    Well, TJ, I don't fall over very often…

    not good enough julian. You have to be able to whizz along effortlessly


    Ahhhh well! I'll keep on beng uncool and enjoying myself then… Like I said, I don't care: I enjoy it!

    Premier Icon aracer

    No – rollerskiing is cool 😉


    I really enjoy it, it's good exercise and its free (when you have the kit).

    So: cool or not cool? (not that I care – see above). Some seem to think that at 43 I should be growing up, but others think it's good.

    PS. Should I wear my cycle lid with the peak at the back when blading?

    If you want rooler blading then this is what i used to do.
    But just not as good.

    Hey Julian, ignore the nay sayers. I am a bit older than you and still go out on mine, saving for a kitewing.
    Now doing this on roller blades rather than ice skates would be brill.

    click here


    Thanks rogerthecat!

    Great vid. Good luck with the kitewing!


    I gotta support you on this one JulianA.

    We need to start something like they've got in Munich.
    I lived there for a few years and every Monday night in Summer we'd join in with about 10,000 others and do a tour of the city, usually 10 miles or so. The police even operated a rolling roadblock to close the streets and allow everyone through.
    …and yes it always ended at a beergarden :o)
    Great atmosphere – I really miss it !

    I didn't say don't do it – its just that stuff like this is only cool if you are good once you start to approach middle age.

    I want to get a BMX – now can you imagine anything sadder than a middle aged man riding a BMX if you can't do tricks? Now imagine the same man but doing all the stunts. One has some cool – the other not.

    Go for it I say! Grow old disgracefully


    Glad some other people seem to be into it as well!

    Love the Munich thing – great idea. Only spent a few hours there but thought it was one of the nicest cities we have been to.

    Go BMX, TJ!


    I always think it should be done by the sea. Something like Venice or Santa Monica, Mission Bay in Auckland. Hell if you enjoy just do it.


    ClickyAcceptable use for roller blade wheels

    This is what i used to get up to, i gave it up when i was 22 though.

    Its the last edit i made, im in it. Some of my mates are still skating, there bodies must be ruined by now.

    I do fancy getting some decent reccy skates and just rolling around. It is enjoyable.

    i love blading. am amazed at the chaps i see in hyde park tackling obstacles etc at a decent speed. sadly, i'm not that good and don't do it very often so probably uncool. would love some lessons though, but going from edinburgh – london for blading lessons isn't that practical and it would look a bit stupid doing it in edinburgh.

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)

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