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  • Anyone off to this tonight?

    I hear the tollah is coming with his loudhailer and niche heckles

    I’m gunna give it a go


    good luck, its great fun…save the drink for after!


    tricky – say hello. You’ll guess who I am before I know who you are.

    tollah is currently stuck in Cabot Circus I hear – the tubby forest-dweller has never seen so many electric lights in one place!


    HOLY CRAP! That was frikkin hard!

    TheKingofSweden represented, tollah was a backsliding race-dodger, I got knocked out in the quarter finals and our very own trickydisco only went and won it! Qualified for the Nationals in London! Superb effort fella!

    I did think you were going to throw up when they told you the final was over 1000m instead of 500m. Your face was pure hate.

    Cheers TooTall. I’m currently in shock and my heart rate hasn’t dropped. I never in a million years thought i’d do any good.

    Never won anything before.

    I honestly thought i’d blown the final if i’m honest. I paced it for the 1st 500m and let him get ahead of me and it was until the kingofsweden and tollah started saying you’d better turn it on now… So so close

    still can’t believe it


    Well Done Gav! Just got home, still smiling but lost my voice!
    You will pay on Saturday mate, drop bar ss in the FOD 🙂

    😀 Wowzer! Nice work, young ‘un!!

    Reckon you’ll do well at Hengrove on Sunday with that kind of form 😉

    Premier Icon wee-al

    Quality effort Gav well done mate!


    Just got up. My legs feel veeeeery strange and tight in odd places. Not sure my body was ever designed to do that.
    I was 3rd fastest qualifier – how the hell? Fat and unfit is no way to enter a race.
    Today, I shall mostly be walking like I’ve poo’d myself and avoiding going up or down stairs.


    🙂 @ Tootall

    Cheers for the comments guys.. Was totally shell shocked.. Thanks for the cheers/heckles/support on the night. It was all a bit of a blur in the final (you’re right tooTall, when he said 1000m I thought oh god.. I can’t go all out for a whole 1000m)

    If it’s any consolation John’s email this morn:

    Bloody rollapaluza, I can hardly walk.

    Never again…

    Well done TooTall,td and everyone else who rode. Twas good fun (I can say that as I wimped) Next year… maybe


    Results and, unfortunately, photos are now on line. I aged 30 years on that hideous thing!


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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