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  • Roll call for the sick people this Christmas
  • Premier Icon postierich

    Came down with a severe cold on Xmas eve managed to stay up for pressie opening lasted a couple mouthfulls of dinner then retired to bed getting up late on Boxing Day.Had a sickie off work yesterday(1st one this year) and its my birthday tomorrow so planning on going back to work on Tuesday.Still full of crap but managed to fit my new forks(Mavs 32)but not upto riding it yet.
    No alcohol or xmas crap for me so far hopefully will be back to normal on NYE


    I’ve had my man flu since christmas eve and the missus has woke up this morning with a sore throat 8)

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Cold here started late Christmas Eve. Have missed seing family and friends to avoid infecting them (family have older relatives that may die, friends going on the hills for New Year). Bored witless 🙁


    Me, came down with a cold on the 23rd, felt sh!te ever since, couldn’t taste any of my dinner on Christmas day, flying out to Oz later on today which is going to be fun for the other passengers with me coughing, sneezing, blowing and sniffing all through the flight


    Crappy cold, started to feel better and then fell down the last few stairs and twisted my knee. Should be okay in a few days I think

    Premier Icon miketually

    I have a lovely cough, that I’ve now had for about a week. Had my first half-decent sleep last night. Steroids sent me mental on Xmas Day night, so I’ve improved since then!


    Mines now at the stage where everytime I walk, my vision wobbles & I start colliding with walls.



    Postie, its my birthday tomorrow as well!! Another 32 years of work and then I plan to ride or run every day! (maybe a bit ambitious there like…)


    I’m not only sniveling, but can’t venture too far from the toilet!

    I blame the cat.


    I was a human oyster factory over xmas, lovely!

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    yup, I had a bad case of the squirts. Really know what Johnny Cash was on about when he sang Ring of Fire! Lol

    Anyone notice the tags on this thread??????
    Deffo ticking box for coughing up oysters, scallops etc. Manflu kicked in on 27th, tried shifting it with a 50ml ride over pennines on 28th, got married on 29th, flew to Marrakech on 31st still feeling like crap, back last Sunday , doc told me it could last 3 weeks. Bugger.


    Badly hurt back the weekend before Christmas. It’s still caning me, still no rides. And I’m off to the back menders next Tuesday to get shafted as well.

    Fell off my bicycle BTW.

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