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  • finbar

    And there are no pictures in this thread because….!?

    Anyone else in the SS 316 club ?

    I deliberated for years but succumbed last week……. 😯

    TIA 🙂

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Would have to be an old one for me, and alas i am not rich.
    I will make do with my pre moon speedy.


    Good for you, but we need to see it 🙂


    I appreciate that Rolex are extremely good quality watches.
    But I have yet to see one that I would feel comfortable to wear on my wrist.
    I dont like gold, and I dont like bling.

    Much as I’ve chopped and changed here and there..
    my s/el has always called me back.

    My party piece for a while was throwing it across the room at the wall.
    It is virtually bomb proof.
    Has never lost more than the few seconds a day any kinetic watch will.

    Practicallity combined with style.


    Do it properly and get the Ferrari version.

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    I considered getting one from an interesting looking gentleman in Marrakech souks at the weekend. Decided it was a bit tacky looking though 🙂


    Has anyone seen the new blue and brown platinum Daytona Rolex debuted at Basel? I like it. Blatant rip off off the AP Montauk Highway though.

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    Skip have you liked at Rolex watches like the Explorer, Sub Mariner, Sea dweller or Miligauss?

    None of those are gold or ‘bling’. Luke you I never really liked Rolex watches but those have grown on me, not that I’ll ever likely own one mind.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Decided it was a bit tacky looking though

    That must have been a really good copy then, if it managed to capture the true tackiness of the original. 🙂


    I’ve got a Submariner Date in stainless steel, that one certainly isn’t bling!


    Is this a Rolex Daytona?


    I’d like a GMT master II. I doubt I’ll ever get round to getting one though 🙂


    I recently inherited a day date in gold. I’ve had to have it valued for insurance and lets just say that its worth about half of what my first house cost me back in ’98!!!

    Cost to insure is astronomical and that’s why i’m looking to PX it against a much less blingy GMT Master II in stainless. Still stoopidly expensive but i should have enough left over to get a Specialized Roubaix that i’ve had my eye on!

    Premier Icon drbob65

    Rolex GMT MAster II for me with the “pepsi” bezel, no longer made so only going to go up in value


    I have a GMT Master II but replaced the pepsi bezel for a black one. Nice watch but just be ready for the servicing costs!

    Explorer II is a nice watch but really Rolex are a bit meh IMHO.

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    If I was going to go down the Rolex route then steel would be my choice.

    What colour dial have you gone for?

    My brother has a Daytona, steel and gold. A gift from a happy customer!


    Stainless and white face. I agree that the gold ones are OTT.

    Surprised Edukator hasn’t popped in to tell his successful man doesn’t need a watch anecdote…

    Steel black dial. Has white gold pointers. Only bling concession. 50th anniversary model update apparently !

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