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  • Rohloff users any of you gone back to gears?
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    Has anyone had a Rohloff and then gone back to gears?

    Mine has been fault free and great in the crap weather but for some reason i am thinking about going back to gears. However i know i won’t be able to afford one again. Anyone regretted selling theirs?


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    I went back to gears. I probably did – 3,000 plus offroad miles on mine before I sold it. In the end I sold it as I did the TransAlp race and having a bit less weight and slightly better efficiency was a winner. Don’t really regret selling it although there were some great points to it.


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    I sold mine a couple of years ago, not really sorry that its gone. I managed to build another hardtail and have change left over. I sometimes miss the simplicity, but I like fettling so its all good.

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    Mine has been fault free and great in the crap weather but for some reason i am thinking about going back to gears.

    Same here, however every time I think about it more rubbish weather comes along and I’m glad I’ve got it. What I actually want is a second lightweight bike for nicer days. The on One whippet is top of my list at the moment. As I ride all year round I’ll not be without a hub geared bike although If I had to replace the Rohloff it would probably be with the new 11 speed Alfine due to cost.

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    Thanks all.

    avdave2 – that is what i am thinking, I may be better getting a whole new bike, built light for longer events (an O-O Lurcher or Race 29er) than spending about £500+ on an XT group and new rear wheel.

    Will have a look see what bargains are to be had

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    Sold mine, no regrets. I never could get used to the weight out back, and the whine in gears 1 – 7 just made me want to push so I didn’t have to hear it. It might or might not have been less efficient in the low gears but it was demoralising to ride.

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    i had one for nearly 4 years, and then went to regular gears. the ‘hoff was great, and i enjoyed having it. it also saved me a chunk of money during uni, which would have been spend on chains/mechs/chainrings/cassettes/cables etc. so definitely a positive experience – 1 set of cables and one chain was all i bought drivetrain wise throughout university.

    i kinda fell out of love with it on long alpine climbs, where (despite it being only a small loss of efficiency) i found it frustrating. as it happens, i now live in the alps, and as such i get a lot less crap weather (skiing in winter anyway), and a lot of climbing… so i’m happy to have got rid.

    still, i think its a great bit of kit, and in the right situation, on the right bike, i’d have another.

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    Another here. I built up a titanium hardtail with a Rohloff as it’s a great piece of engineering and makes a lot of sense.
    Thing is, as Farticus mentioned, I couldn’t get used to the weight being out the back, and I had repeated problems with losing the chain and so on. It ended up being a real faff, and I just didn’t love the bike that much.

    I changed it all when I built up my Soda, went back to ‘normal’ gears, and wouldn’t go back, to be honest. It just feels so much more fun, and I love the bike as whole.

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    Yep i got rid of mine.

    Though i mainly ride singlespeed but when I do ride with gears i prefer regular gear to the Hoff.

    Shame as it’s a great concept but i always felt like it was dragging me down a bit. Even after three years of use.

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