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  • walleater

    A couple of things:

    Firstly, does anyone know what oil one puts in these? Other than ‘Rohloff’ oil which is presumably some generic oil with their name on it…And also how much? Just fill it up like an old Sturmy Archer hub?! This one is pretty dry….

    And secondly, does anyone have any instructions on how to replace the paper gasket and oil seal on the non-drive side? According to the Rohloff rep in the USA, they are in the back of the manual.

    We’ve got a bike in with a Rohloff but they are as rare as rocking horse doo doo over here (Vancouver) and no-one has a clue about them. Plan B is to send the whole wheel down to California, but the tool and seal kit is pretty cheap to send up and I’d rather have a play 😉


    25ml of oil from memory? Its on the rohloff website.

    It will be a fairly complex oil at a guess. Hypoid???

    Premier Icon Denis99

    Have a look at the link, should explain all about the oil change and oil levels etc.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    walleater – found the gasket replacement instructions in the manual.
    dont have time to scan at the moment – need to go out, give me an hour and a bit and Ill post them if no one else does.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Page 14 shows you how to remove the gearbox from the hub.

    Just remove the paper gasket and replace it with a new one then slide the unit back into the shell.

    Rohloff are now recomending that you only use 15 ml of oil. Not the 25ml the previously stated.


    Does replacing the gasket reduce leakage? Last time I looked there was a fair amount of gunge coming out, but what is normal?
    [Edit] It’s completely normal to have a QR covered in oil according to appendix 14.

    PS Mrs Flamejob is going to work in Kassel for a few months, do you think they’ll let me in to have a butchers?

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    do you think they’ll let me in to have a butchers?

    Why not email them and ask?

    They seem like a helpfull bunch to me.


    *Cue ultra-geeky Rohloff picture report from the heart of German Voodoo gear tech…

    … in fact, maybe I could write a piece for the main site.

    I have to see if the whole Emigrate thing is happening first.


    Thanks guys. Looks like we’d better track down some correct oil then. I was hoping to throw in some old 20w suspension oil we’ve got gathering dust 😉

    TJ – Do you have to use oil or will water suffice?



    The hub always weeps a bit of oil around the QR after the oil change as it finds its own level – reason for the reduction from 25 to 15 ml?

    The ‘oil’ obviously has a high graphite content as it is a silvery colour. Also Rohloff say it’s OK if it all leaks out and to wait for the next oil change period to refill…

    In my experience, water is NOT a good replacement for the oil 🙁

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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