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    I’m thinking about a new utility bike and I’m contemplating making it a Rohloff for ease of maintenance etc. However one of it’s uses will be to tow sweajnr1 to / from playgrounds / day care etc which will require it to be used with a chariot.

    So has anybody used a trailer / chariot with a Rohloff hub? Any problems with getting it all linked together given the extra kit arranged at the back wheel?

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    The Sram hub gear adaptor that Chariot do will fit a Rohloff nutted axle, it’s the same thread pitch. It places the hitch a bit further out so it usually clears everything.

    If you’re using a Q/R then you should be O.K. so long as the shift box is located out of the way of the EZ-hitch and not hanging down directly beneath the axle.


    I do this and it works great.

    I have a Surly Troll and the Rohloff is held on with a QR skewer – chain tug on drive side. No worries.

    My email is in my profile if you want pics or more info.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks teacake – If the idle contemplation becomes actual commitment I may e-mail you before spending the money. I’m actually looking at the troll / ogre as the frame so that’s great to hear.

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    I’ve been using this set-up with a surly ogre for the last couple of years and progressed to the double chariot as the family has grown – happy to send pics if you email me. Cheers

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