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  • philfive

    im thinking of buying one of these and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them? any help would be appreciated


    a mate just got one off silverfish, ex demo, took it for a ride for a few hours to see how it goes… great bike… feels solid and rides well. The upright design is a little different, but very comfortable, and good in the technical sections. Pedaling is efficient with no noticeable chain growth etc…

    good bike, well finished, nice paint.


    I test rode one last year and if I could find a cheap(er) 20.5" then I'd probably buy it. I like RM's (got two HT's)and the Altitude seemed to have that 'attack the trail' ride to it that another FS bike I tested didn't have. It was nimbler in the Singletrack than my Jekyll is and had no discernible pedal feedback on the limited route I rode on. Check out the MTBR forums – there's a lot more info over there on the way the Altitude rides.

    Just check the TT length on the size you want, RM's come up shorter than most on the TT.



    gonna have a test ride at 5 today, it did look short in the cockpit but i like it tight 😀

    Omar Little

    been thinking of getting one as well,it seems to ride really well. but im
    holding off making a decision for another couple of weeks until i can get a proper demo on a stumpjumper fsr.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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