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  • pgh1892

    Awaiting delivery of a 456 frame and I did intend to get new wheels and forks but I have been offered some tora u turn 130mm forks for next to nothing, this will allow me to use a set of mavic xm117 wheels I have laying about, I will upgrade the wheels and forks in due course but for now is this a recipie for disaster or will it get by for local riding (delamere/rivington) I have a dh bike for gravity duty and a road bike for mile munching, this is going to be my UK trail bike and if I fancy a trip to the lakes will this combo leave me undergunned? cheers in advance


    If its a quick fix then i don’t see why it wouldn’t work.i had Tora air springs on my Rockrider and they worked fine,


    Ran that combo for some time before ‘upfgrading’ Toras and 117s will be fine.

    Toras are basic but they work well and more importantly they keep working well despite frequent intense neglect. Similarly 117s not the latest or greatest but perfectly acceptable.

    yep had some Toras on my old HT which fell off the roof of the car on the motorway when the roof rack failed – bike was trashed, but the Toras were fine – infact put them on another bike and still managed CwmCarn DH on them and they still won’t die

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    Toras come in various flavours, the more basic 302 is, well, basic but there’s the much nicer 318 Motion Control one which is actually pretty damn good…

    117s aren’t the strongest or lightest and they’re a bit skinny but they’re perfectly decent.


    Why on earth would it be a recipe for disaster?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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