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  • Rockshox spring weights question
  • Burchy1

    Looking at a pair of coil rev’s but only ever had air forks before so just enquiring what spring people had.

    so, which spring do you use and what do you weigh (unless your a Laaaady and dont want to say :wink:)


    I’ve got Rev 426 Coil U-Turns and speaking to Tim @ TF tuned he said the spring they come with is fine for riders who weigh about 13st, where as the spring pikes come with is only good up to about 11.5/12st and if you 13’ish you shoudl fit a Firm one.

    The Revs are definatley stiffer than the Pikes, and I get about 25mm (22%) of sag when they’re set 115mm of travel, which is about right and feels fine.


    forgot to add im 11st, so if anyone is a similar weight what spring have you got fitted?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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