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  • RockShox SID Team leaking oil?
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    I had to send my SID teams back under warranty as the lowers were misaligned (The batch that hadnt been cast properly so the wheel was over to one side slightly)

    Had the lowers replaced and the fork serviced and returned.
    I attached them back to the bike, but as it has no wheels at the moment it say on its saddle and bars with the forks upside down for about 4 weeks, when i noticed a little patch of oil on the floor below them

    I then turned them the right way around and forgot about them for a week or two, and then went back to notice another small patch of oil under the leg with the rebound damper in it and there was a drip of oil on the leg

    Contacted the seller about it but they said that its probably just an over fill of oil from the service and not to worry about it. I didn’t think oil would be able to make its way out no matter how much was in there if the fork hadn’t been used?

    I am worried about it as I don’t want to be riding them around with dry lowers and scratching the life out of the stanchions.

    What do the all knowing collective think?

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    Sounds like the Motion Control damper has sprung a leak at the top cap (very common problem). Loco or TFT have the parts to reapir.

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