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  • rob2

    I have this, I think it’s the air seal that’s buggered. Have you stored it in the down position? I did with mine.

    But would be interested in views!

    Yes, but I don’t always store it in the down position, but then again I can’t remember exactly when it started only that it started this week. Is this a service that’s needed? In warranty?

    Cheers rob

    Come to think of it I have noticed that this post is very sensitive to being sticky when the quick release seat post clamp is marginally tight. I have a canyon strive al 9 and the clamp isn’t as tight as I want it and over a couple of days of riding, I need to move the seat post up again. Any ideas?



    So I have noticed recently that my 3 month old stealth reverb seatpost has developed it’s own suspension. What I mean by this is when you sit on it, it moves down approximately 2 cm. this happens at any extension. I have checked the pressure and it is 250 psi and today I fully bled the system including the remote lever, but it is still happening. I have raised a support call for this as it should be covered in warranty, but I am sure that I will have to ship it to them, so that’s me off my bike a while! Any ideas what this could be?



    You using carbon paste, if not you should be.

    Should the post be stored up or down?


    Mine recently developed the same problem, going to send it back under warranty.


    Mine’s doing the same. I bled it, checked air was 250psi. It wasn’t so I topped it up. Road it round garden, did some uppy downy seat post stuff the checked air and it needed topped up again. Would suggest its an air seal or some thing causing a leak.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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