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  • Just a quick, possibly very newbie type question, but here goes:

    I got my Inbred 29er yesterday which I am over the moon with, and this bike comes with above mentioned forks.

    I notice that when the lock out is turned off they just appear to sink all the way down and dont ‘float’ as I expected them to?

    Is this perfectly normal and I am just being a numpty or is something amiss ?



    Have they got air in them??

    i believe so I mean when I take them off lock out they do float up, it is only when I am riding, even along the flat, they just seem too be sat all the way down?

    I hope this makes sense, quite hard to describe!


    Possibly a stupid answer but have you tried putting more air in them? Or at least checking the pressure. You should aim to initially set them up so that they sit about 30%ish into their travel when in the attack position (that is the way you would be riding when descending, so stood up over the bars)

    (All that is assuming they are an air fork)

    I am guessing it is just a standard Shcrader valve for them?

    Will give that a go 1st then!


    You will probably need an actual shock pump, it screw on and pressures can be about 150psi

    Should be a pressure vs weight chart on the back of the fork leg

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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