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    i’m going to give my fork a bit of a service at the weekend (2010 Rockshox recon s-lite 120mm). It says on the sram guide 6ml of 15 wt oil in both sides on the lower legs . It doesn’t sound much at all so is this right? and has anyone got any suggestions for the best oil ? Probably a real newbie question so please be gentle with me

    The SRAM guides are pretty great. Any old fork oil will do, doesn’t have to be rockshox branded. Just make sure you have the correct guide for the model/year of your fork and follow it closely, making sure you don’t go over or under the recommended oil volumes. Should be fine as long as you’re a fairly competent mechanic and don’t rush.


    I recently did my coil recons amid much begging for help on here, so I know how you feel! It was actually quite easy to do. Everything is fairly precision engineered, so there should be no doubt at any stage.

    The oil in the lowers is only to lubricate, it doesn’t do any suspension work. Make sure you give the foam rings a good soaking as well.

    Make sure you have the kit you need, 24mm sockets, IPA and circlip pliers are not necessarily something everyone has.

    Also, when you locate the rods with the bolts to install the lowers, do the non spring side first, the spring side will always push to the bottom of the lower if you accidentally push it on too far before doing the other side!

    It is the single most satisfying job I have done on my bike. Good luck.


    I thought the same thing, but yes 6ml is correct. It’s just there to keep the bushes damp. I use stendec stuff (it’s blue – yep that is the only reason I like it) you might be able to get some suspension fluid in a local motor bike shop, it will be probably be cheaper. Different manufactures have variations in viscosity this will matter in the damper (I use rock shocks stuff there) but in the lowers it won’t matter.

    Don’t be surprised to find about 2 drops (literally) of oil present in the lowers if you’ve never serviced them before. I’d recommend using a spanner, when I used a socket it slipped.

    edit: I won’t bother replacing seals unless they actually leak, I’ve have my recons 2 years and two services later they work fine without having replaced a thing bar fluids.


    Thanks for the help folks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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