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  • Rockshox Pike Charger dampers
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    I’m building myself a ‘nice’ bike with some newish bits and some parts bin bits.

    For the forks I’ve got some Pike select+ from the CRC sale that are currently on my hardtail. I want to put these on my new bike so I bought some second hand pikes to put on the hardtail. These came with an upgraded charger damper.

    According to TrailHead the CRC select+ have a CHARGER 2.1 RC damper. Is there any merit is swapping dampers? Is one likely to be better than the other?

    CRC select+

    Second hand

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    The select+ damper should be the better damper. It’s a 2.1 charger with lsc and lsr adjustment.

    The older one you have there is a charger 2 damper by the looks of it – the rct3 version so it has lsc adjustment in open and then the 2 lockout sort of style settings. Also has lsr.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    The select+ damper should be the better damper.

    +1 it’s really good.

    What you might want to look into doing though, is updating the air spring on the older fork.

    Premier Icon desperatebicycle
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    Ride em…see if you notice the difference. 🙂

    Premier Icon snotrag
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    The Charger 2.1 in the Select+ is superb. Its the current top level, just misses the individual adjustments (high and low speed) you would get on a Pike ultimate currently.

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Great. Thanks, saves me some work. The spring has already been upgraded in the 2nd hand one too.

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