Rockshox Pike 454 dual air 140mm uturn set-up?

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  • Rockshox Pike 454 dual air 140mm uturn set-up?
  • jamiesilo

    can anyone point me in the direction of user manual for these, tho not sure of the year?
    i think they are dual airs, tho in RS service manuals seem to imply they’d be either u-turn or dual air.
    if they are dual air, is one valve on the bottom of the leg and another concealed on the top somewhere?


    Positive air valve on top of left hand leg. Negative will be underneath. May have a cap on so just unscrew.

    Ignore pressure printed on fork. Set the pressure that gives you 25 percent sag.

    Loads of set up guides about…. Check out loco tuning for example.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I have Dual Air U-Turn PIKE 454.

    If they are Dual Air, they will have air valve on the top of the left leg and on the bottom of the left leg.

    The one on the top sort of sits inside the U-turn flippy lever thing.

    They are simple to set up.
    Pump up the positive chamber, then pump up the negative chamber until they suck down so that they travel gradients on the upper leg are in line with the seals. The recommended pressure marked on the lowers are OK as a start point.

    Adjust the rebound (red knob at bottom of the fork) to suit. The higher the pressures in the fork the more rebound you need.

    Lock the fork out with the blue lever on the right leg. Set threshold (small gold knob inside the lockout lever) to suit. Then adjust the Low speed compression with the blue lever.

    Does that make sense?

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    I’ve got a set of dual air u-turn. I agree with doncorleoni about ignoring the recommended pressure.

    Also: always run less pressure in the -ve chamber (I find about 10psi works well) than the +ve else the fork will suck down and you’ll loose travel without turning the u-turn knob!


    thanks fellas.

    on the right hand top side they don’t have blue lever(s) ( or not anymore perhaps) but they have a small nob with gate written on it. is this the threshold knob?
    then a hex sided thing which’ll turn. is this compression damping going to total lockout? as on newer sectors?
    decals are all gone so no pressure guides either as a starting point. .

    lastly, does it matter which way up the up fork is when pumping -ve valve? did it ‘right way’ up last night and got lots of oil out.
    thanks again

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