Rockshox Pike 426 Coil, any stand out bang for buck forks to take its crown?

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  • Rockshox Pike 426 Coil, any stand out bang for buck forks to take its crown?
  • cruzcampo

    Evening Guys,

    My trusty Pikes have been going strong for 5 years, still look like new, still ride well, the poplock for climbing is great, its a medium spring which @ 12.5 stone offers great small bump compliance, and trail handling, but i’m getting the new component itch

    My LBS tells me Pike coils are now regarded as heavy, with poor small bump compliance, and dated in handling characteristics, compared to the huge advancements in front suspension in the last several years. 😯

    I want to spend between £300-£500, (Pikes only cost me £275!) For XC/All mountain, on my Santa Cruz Blur with lock out preferably. The new Pikes seem very expensive @ £600 and the whole fork market looks a bit of a minefield! Are there any bang for buck go to forks which have the same reputation as the Pikes back in their hay day? ❓

    The Fox range looks rather nice. ❓

    ps. would it be worth looking at 650b ready forks or would that ruin the geo if keeping 26″ for the short term future?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The new Sektors are very pikey. Not as stiff/strong but (if you get the right model) basically the same inside, and available with coil. A bit lighter but wouldn’t be an “upgrade”. Though does show the problem- the motion control damper in your Pikes is now comparable to what’s found in low/midrange forks.

    Depends what you want really. If you like the sturdiness of the Pike then you need to size up a bit (or maybe roll the dice with Magura reliability but I’d rather eat my own arse). But if you’re not needing all that, then a Revelation RCT3 will be well within price, a fair bit lighter, and far better damped. But noticably flexier if you’re a gnarrist or a pea-through-matress type.

    It’s a bit sort of backwards, Pikes were great as a tough short travel fork but for that sort of hard use you also want as good damping as you can get, the replacements brought one but took away from the other. Only now the new Pike and 34 etc have come along to cover both


    Revs or try the x-fusion range.


    Cheers Northwind, i’ll check out the Revelations! Better damping sounds fantastic. Definitely want lighter, and the top priority being super plush small bump compliance and handling. Don’t do much in the way of jumping/DH courses etc. More techy XC, peak district kind of riding.

    Would you say air would be better than coil for this?

    I did buy my Pikes from the previous years stock so got a great discount, but can’t see anything of the same bang for buck level when I was looking earlier today LOL


    @Rickos not heard of x-fusion, i’ll give them a google!

    Rob Hilton

    Pike 454 Coils are lighter and about £220 from “the bay”.

    Stuff the LBS opinion – what do you think about them? 🙂 I got some a year ago and was so impressed I got another set for spares in case I bust them.

    2nd hand market is ace!


    x-fusion velvet would be my choice. Simple, affordable, 650b-able, same travel, similar stiffness to the sektor, but better damped (RL2). They are a bargain considering the performance (think cheaper simpler Fox FIT), and IMO they would be a perfect fit for a blur (travel is internally adjustable 100-140mm). Hope this helps and good luck!


    As above revs or x fusion both better damped and lighter

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