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  • Rockshox fork, pump help !!
  • i have sid 29er rockshox forks on my bike, i bought a rockshox pump of ebay and it don’t fit??? any ideas people?

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    Should just be a standard screw-on schrader fitting – have you got a standard tyre pump you could try to fit on it to check?

    Yep already done that schrader to big presta to small, rockshox pump i bought to big grrrrr now messing about trying to get something to fit shox are flat as a fart

    just read the sram website clicked on the download for rebuild instructions and yes schreder it says… i screwed the cap off the top of fork and tried one of my presto/schrader adapters and schrader side screwed in perfectly (so you would think cool its a schrader fitting), then tried the adapter in the fork pump and again perfect fit. try fork or bike pump on the forks using schrader fitting and it just slips over the valve whats going on !!!!!!!!

    SKS Rockshox Sid Adaptor ?

    i bought a pair of Rock Shox Sektors(new)a while back and the pump they came with would not depress the centre part of the valve. the pump worked fine with my Manitou forks and an older pump was fine on the Sektors.
    I suggest you try another pump.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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