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  • ivantate

    Pondering a set of these but not sure if I want 110/140 or 120/150.

    Can I get a set of 150s and then adjust to the shorter length?

    Anything to look out for on 2012s?

    Finally, I quite like the idea of the coil version but if 50% is spent in the lower position will the coils become permanently compressed?

    Any ideas appreciated, planning of investment creating enthusiasm for next years riding.


    Think they are all the same travel and can be reduced with spacers

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Not sure about the air forks being adjustaable – thought they were 150-120mm and that was that.
    The new coils have 2 springs so that it doesn’t just feel like an overly compressed spring in short travel mode.


    ive got a set and they come with a 10mm spacer so they are adjustable!


    Slogo, are those air or coil?

    my inital plan was sektor coils but winstanleys have a good deal on Revelation DPs which are air. Weight appeals but the mtbr review didnt.


    I have rev DP solo air, they can be reduced with spacers and they are brilliant, they haven’t missed a beat at all.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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