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  • Rockshox deluxe ifp pressure
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    OK so I got an adaptor from total bleed solutions but I can’t get a measurement of the pressure in the ifp.

    I’m guessing the adaptor isn’t pressing the valve? Is this an issue for pumping it up or will I be able to force the pressure through the valve? Last thing I want to do is not be able to represurise it

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    Did you attach the pump to the adapter before screwing it in to the valve? Was there a whoosh of air? The air chamber below the ifp is very small, mine is approx 22mm from the bottom of the tube (75mm from top) and is pumped up to 420psi. When I attached the adaptor without the pump, it gave a wee whoosh of air and was emptied. I don’t think you can just plug the pump in and get a reading as the air chamber probably isn’t that much bigger than the pump hose capacity so it’s just going to give you a false reading. I think you have emptied it, try pumping it up.
    Also, do you have a pump that will go high enough? There is a pressure chart on the sram deluxe service page for the different sizes of shocks. You will need this info before pumping it up.

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    I don’t think it’s anything to do with the adaptor not pushing the valve pin.

    The volume of the pump is higher than the ifp chamber, so as soon as you connect the pump, the chamber is basically empty and you have to pump it up again.

    Then carefully remove the adaptor from the shock with the pump still attached so you don’t loose any air from the shock.

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    OK cheers for that.

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